Abilities India Secures Patent for Revolutionary Piston and Cylinder Coating Technology

Abilities India Secures Patent for Revolutionary Piston and Cylinder Coating Technology
Piston coated with patented technology by Abilities India

Abilities India Pistons & Rings Ltd. (Abilities India), a leading name in the manufacturing of Pistons, Piston Rings, Gravity Casting, Pressure Die Casting, and Coatings, proudly announces the grant of a patent for its groundbreaking coating technology applied to pistons and cylinders. This innovative coating is set to transform the landscape of engine components as it reduces friction, wear, emissions & fuel consumption by 2-3%. As one of the leading Indian MSMEs highly involved in deep R&D, the company foresees a substantial growth of 15%-20% in revenue attributable to this patented technology, with 4%-5% expected in the current financial year. Looking ahead, Abilities India anticipates a top-line growth of 25%-30%.

Unlike the conventional electro-plating process, this innovative technology ensures a uniform coating thickness (3-100+ microns) irrespective of component size or shape, with exceptional coefficients of friction, heightened hardness, wear resistance, and superior adhesion. Particularly beneficial for alternate fuels like ethanol blends and biofuels, the coating showcases outstanding corrosion resistance and improved thermal properties, addressing challenges linked to the high-temperature ignition of hydrogen fuel. This advancement signifies a pivotal step towards prolonged engine component life, heightened efficiency in the face of evolving fuel technologies and reduced carbon emission significantly.

Furthermore, Abilities India has recently been honoured with the prestigious CII TOP 50 Companies Industrial Innovation Award 2023, recognizing its strategic commitment to achieving manufacturing excellence and fostering innovation.

 Mr. Sunil Arora, Chairman and MD, Abilities India Pistons & Rings Ltd. said, "As one of the distinguished MSMEs focussed on cutting-edge research, Abilities India is proudly making technological strides in the auto components industry. This patent represents more than just a leap in engine component advancements; it symbolizes our steadfast commitment to fostering substantial growth within the realm of sustainable mobility. With this innovative coating technology, we are not merely adapting to the shift in global mobility; we are actively shaping the future of automotive technology and reinforcing our position as pioneers in sustainable and efficient solutions for the global automotive landscape."

The team involved in the development of innovative coating includes group of consultants, experienced project head, well supported by lab technicians, plant associates, suppliers, and customers.  Abilities India has already witnessed early adoption of its patented technology, with a leading Japanese 2-wheeler OEM commencing the start of production. 

The coated products are gaining traction globally, with interest from customers in India and overseas. The technology has far-reaching implications for various segments, including two/three-wheelers and passenger cars, and is poised to set new standards for engine performance and environmental responsibility. Abilities India is actively invested in scaling up production to meet the growing demand for coated pistons and cylinders. The company has already entered the mass production phase, supplying these advanced components to both Indian and overseas OEMs. Dedicated to R&D, the company persistently explores additives to enhance coating properties, ensuring broader applications and continuous innovation.

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