Introducing BizMudra: Business news media that you deserve

Introducing BizMudra: Business news media that you deserve

Today’s news is a muddle of information and advertisements; readers struggle to identify one from the other. The news pages are scattered with advertisements that deter from the real story. Newsreaders are assaulted with excess materials and expected to sift through it all to forage for the report they came to find. It is not feasible to expect readers to search and retrieve their daily news in this fast-paced lifestyle.

We believe that the news is about informing the public, providing facts in a broader context, offering educated opinions and letting the audience make an informed decision. We are here to offer a media house that observes this tradition. Our goal is to practice responsible journalism.

We acknowledge that advertisements are the primary revenue stream for the news business and cannot be eliminated. However, we want to change the dynamics of the news-to-advertisement ratio drastically. There needs to be a healthy balance between stories and advertorials. If the public were willing to watch a 5-sec ad before enjoying their favourite video on YouTube (before they made a mockery of the term ‘Skip Ad’ by bombarding multiple ads on us), we believe there is an ideal threshold of willingness amongst our audience. Our news media will endeavour to stay under this threshold. And allow the audience to read the news and make informed conclusions.

We are here to provide clear and concise details regarding various industries and their businesses. We will give you a view of how they impact our daily life and how we can utilise this information. We make an honest effort to pepper the data with relevant advertisements.

We wish that you support us with your presence through this journey. Bear with our follies and grow with our successes.

Happy Reading!