Aether Industries executes strategic agreement with Global Lithium-Ion Battery Producer

Aether Industries Limited (AIL), one of India’s leading specialty and fine chemical manufacturers and a preferred provider of Contract Research and Manufacturing Services has entered a strategic agreement and commercial supply contract with a global lithium-ion battery producer, marking a significant milestone on Aether’s entry in the electrolyte additives and battery space. 

AIL will be supplying the most critical additives tailored for electrolytes, enhancing the performance and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, and eliminating the dependency of sourcing these chemicals from China. Leveraging its expertise in key chemistry and technology core competencies, Aether is poised to contribute to the global partner’s mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable practices. 

Aether has already developed and is developing products like Vinylene Carbonate, Fluoroethylene Carbonate, 1,3,2-Dioxathiolan-2,2-Dioxide, 1-Propene-1,3-Sultone, 1-Propane-1,3-Sultone and other such products which are electrolyte additives. As per our internal research, Aether will be the first manufacturer of these critical electrolyte additives in India.   

This sets a wide area of progress for Aether Industries and sets the stage for the company to enter the electrolyte additive and battery space, and partner and supply to several other global and domestic battery manufacturers in this rapidly evolving and next-generation industry segment.