Air France and KLM now available on Verteil’s NDC Platform

Air France and KLM (AFKL) and Verteil, a leading NDC (New Distribution Capability) technology provider for 40+ global airlines since 2016 announced today that AFKL's offers are now live on Verteil Direct Connect. This integration will allow travel sellers to access AFKL's advanced NDC contents directly through the NDC-based comprehensive booking engine portal & universal NDC APIs.

Verteil’s customers will have access to end-to-end NDC capabilities, including shopping, booking, fully automated servicing, and private / negotiated fares for multiple segments and market-specific requirements, through AFKL's NDC channel. Additionally, customers will get access to the latest AFKL innovations supported via NDC, which includes features like continuous pricing, extra services, and personalized options. Air France and KLM will also keep improving these features over time.

Apart from the superior and real-time content, bookings via Air France and KLM’s NDC channel, will not be surcharged as compared to legacy GDS channels.

Jerrin Jos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Verteil Technologies, said: “We are delighted to facilitate Air France and KLM’s NDC content to our global travel seller base who are using the Verteil NDC platform. We fully support Air France and KLM in their exciting journey, offering travel sellers differentiated content and innovative product offerings via the unconstrained and technologically superior NDC channel. Our ongoing transformational journey in the airline distribution space is progressing significantly. We are currently implementing changes with several airline partners and investing heavily in building product capabilities to support advanced functionality for travel sellers' diverse business models.”

Stéphane Ormand, VP Distribution, Air France and KLM, said: “With Verteil we expand the choice for our travel agent partners to access our offers via the NDC technology. Thanks to the Verteil NDC platform, travel agents can now promote and sell cheaper Air France and KLM offers, thanks to additional price points, exclusive promotional fares and dynamic pricing for seat selection. As of next June, our “Light” fares in Economy cabin, with a minimum stay condition, for all mid-hauls and French domestic routes, will be phased out from the legacy GDS/Edifact. This is a new step in our distribution strategy and Verteil will enable their users to continue selling Air France and KLM's full range of offers.”