Auto and Logistics Expo at Nashik

Auto and Logistics Expo at Nashik

Organised by Nashik District Transport Association (NDTA) towards the upliftment of the truck driver community

NDTA is organizing an AUTO AND LOGISTICS EXPO on 25, 26, 27, and 28 May 2023 at Thakkar Dome near the City Centre Mall, under the concept of ALL WHEELS DISPLAY. All companies related to the automobile sector and logistics will be participating in the expo. Apart from this, the Auto Show will also showcase several vehicles and other related accessories to the industry.

Talking about Nashik's central location on the route connecting Kashmir and Kanyakumari, Union Minister of road transport and highways, Nitin Gadkari said that the city should emerge as the logistics capital.

The NDTA is a leading organization that prompts safe and efficient transportation across the country with a specific focus on transportation of all sectors. The association’s main mission for running this auto show is to advocate for the rights and needs of our members and the overall truck drivers’ community and their families. The revenue generated from the show will be used to provide clean and spacious and comfortable rest rooms for drivers every 100km. The association is also working on many initiatives for the driver’s safety, comfort, and health issues while on their jobs.

“The transport industry plays a very important role in the development and progress of the country in the means of timely transportation of goods and services. The transport industry has covered a long way, initially from bicycles to the present scenario of high-speed transportation with safety and tracking status. Drivers are the key person running this industry smoothly, however, they are not provided with basic facilities like restrooms, and parking facilities. NDTA is working on this to upgrade the present status”, says P M Saini, Executive President, NDTA.

P M Saini, Executive President, NDTA

This expo is ideal for manufacturers, dealers, and distributors of all vehicles across the automotive segment. It will have an employment fair in collaboration with the District Skill Development Employment Entrepreneurship and Guidance Centre, various competitions and guidance for college students regarding proper transportation, and seminars on the current status, problems, and opportunities of the transport & automobile sector. There is a special attraction, a food festival on the concept of ‘One country, many cuisines’.

“Transportation is an important factor contributing to the development and progress of the country. The key factor in the transport business is the driver. But if we consider the drivers, they do not have any facilities. NDTA would like to build the first rest house for drivers on a pilot basis and fund the construction of a clean, well-equipped rest house for drivers every 100 km to ensure proper sleep, and better health, reduce driver addiction and consequently reduce the number of accidents. Auto and Logistics Expo is being organized to collect the fund for this purpose. All types of vehicles from bicycles to trailers and all types of electric vehicles, all companies related to the automobile sector and logistics companies will be participating in the expo”, explains Rajendra Gopinath Phad, President, NDTA.

Rajendra Gopinath Phad, President, NDTA