Bridgestone India Unveils the New Dueler All-Terrain 002

Bridgestone India Unveils the New Dueler All-Terrain 002

Bridgestone India today launched the Dueler All-Terrain (A/T) 002 tyre with enhance grip and stability. The Dueler A/T002 is the latest innovation in tyre technology tailored for a seamless on-road and off-road experience. Dueler A/T002 is the latest addition to Bridgestone’s Dueler range especially designed for SUVs & 4X4 offering excellent wet and dry grip & handling, superior wear life. This new generation, premium quality tyre is specially designed to enhance off-road capabilities without compromising on-road performance, setting a new benchmark for all-terrain driving.

Engineered with a 5 rib-technology featuring hexagonal blocks and a staggered pattern architecture, this tyre ensures even stiffness and contact pressure distribution, resulting in superior wear life.

“We, at Bridgestone India are committed to giving the Indian market world-class products that offer superior driving comfort and safety. The Dueler All-Terrain AT002 is one such example where Indian customers will benefit from a premium product that is the best in its class and is backed by world-class technology” said Mr. Hiroshi Yoshizane Managing Director, Bridgestone India.

“The New Dueler All-Terrain AT002 is specially designed for SUVs & 4x4 giving customers an excellent on-road and off-road driving experience. The New Dueler All-Terrain AT002 delivers superior wear life while offering excellent grip handling in both dry and wet conditions. Its low noise and superior ride comfort attributes also make it a premium choice for on-road experience, thus providing our SUVs and 4x4 customers with a complete all-round premium ride experience." said Mr. Rajarshi Moitra, Chief Commercial Officer at Bridgestone India.

Bridgestone is relentlessly committed to enhancing its product lineup to meet the changing needs of consumers. To cater to the evolving automotive landscape in India, Bridgestone has also recently introduced the TURANZA 6i, a new premium tyre for the passenger vehicle segment. Both Dueler A/T002 and Turanza 6i, reflect Bridgestone's strategic effort to address the increasing demand for premium tyres, reinforcing the brand's leadership position in the market.