Classmate extends exciting AR technology to ‘Brown Cover Notebooks’

Classmate extends exciting AR technology to ‘Brown Cover Notebooks’

Classmate, India’s leading notebook brand with unmatched product quality and a strong commitment to partnering with students in their journey of learning and development, launched the Augmented Reality (AR) Series for its Brown Cover Notebooks. The Classmate AR Notebooks aims to transform the brown cover notebooks which are non-differentiated due to its standard cover design. The new series integrates AR technology into the Notebook to create an interactive learning environment for students that is exciting, immersive and no longer boring.

Each Classmate AR Notebook features a QR code, granting students access to different AR modules. These AR Modules cover a wide range of topics, including marine life, space, mathematics, chemistry and much more. The modules are designed to ignite curiosity in young minds by making learning fun. With gamified elements integrated into the AR experience, students are encouraged to explore deeper into complex concepts enjoyably and engagingly.

Students can have experiences like a limitless ocean powered by augmented reality. They will learn about the marvels of the ocean, get to know vibrant sea life, and explore the brilliant and colourful underwater environment.

Speaking about the new Classmate AR Notebook, Mr. Vikas Gupta, Chief Executive, Education and Stationery Products Business Division, ITC Ltd., said, “Under Classmate’s innovative offering, the classic brown notebook has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding its boring image to unveil a world of vibrant and colourful possibilities for students. It is like holding a notebook brimming with boundless wonders and knowledge. With the introduction of the Augmented Reality Series for Brown Cover Notebooks, Classmate reaffirms its commitment to making education a fun, enjoyable and immersive experience for students across India.”

The brown-covered notebook, though it comes with the advantage of not having to put additional covers and brings uniformity, lacks the exciting cover designs that students seek. That is why the new Classmate series has injected excitement into the conventional brown cover by integrating its pioneering use of AR technology in notebooks.

To create excitement among the students and convince them that brown is not boring, Classmate initiated a unique engagement by installing a life-size brown notebook cover over the glass façade of a 30ft long tunnel aquarium in the sea front of Mumbai at Bandra Carter Road in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As children and parents scanned the QR Code on the life-size brown notebook cover, they witnessed a magical transformation: the cover gradually unfurls, revealing an enchanting ocean world within, in the form of an aquarium. The engagement drew significant participation and created tremendous excitement among students and parents present at the event.

Amplifying the engagement in a digital campaign, the unique experience at Bandra was captured in a creative video along with the hashtag #Brownisnomoreboring. The video captures the excitement of children and parents as they experience the world of marine life through AR technology.

Apart from marine life, Classmate AR notebooks cover a wide range of topics, including space, mathematics, chemistry, physics and much more.