DICV to Digitally Transform Driving Techniques

DICV to Digitally Transform Driving Techniques
Simulator Driver Trainer is built on the actual BharatBenz HDT cabin

With its State-of-the-Art ‘BharatBenz Simulated Driver Trainer’

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), the wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG and the manufacturer of BharatBenz, India’s most respected truck and bus brand, has taken a significant step to digitally transform truck driving techniques on Indian roads by launching its state of the art ‘BharatBenz Simulated Driver Trainer’. The Simulated Driver Trainer has been jointly developed by DICV and a cutting-edge technology partner.

This high-end, technology-backed simulator is one-of-a-kind in the Indian commercial vehicles industry. The Simulated Driver Trainer is a combination of a computerized and digital experience for any BharatBenz driver who trains on it. The set-up comprises of a multi-screen display positioned upfront in the driver’s line of sight. The training driver sits inside a real BharatBenz heavy-duty truck (HDT) cabin that is technologically tethered to real-world dynamics that give the driver an immersive multi-sensory feel of any road or terrain the truck is being driven on Terrain, weather conditions and other obstacles can be altered via a computer, controlled remotely.

Commenting on the digital transformation initiative, Satyakam Arya – Managing Director & CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles said, “We are looking into every possible aspect that will help us digitally transform, not just DICV and BharatBenz but also those who are contributing towards our endeavour to make our customers successful. Being an important part of our long-term digital transformation journey the state-of-the-art BharatBenz Simulated Driver Trainer is a new benchmark in the Indian commercial vehicles industry.”

Simulated Driver Trainer is intricately programmed to transform the way BharatBenz truck drivers will tackle a variety of terrains and weather conditions by training on driving techniques that they will require to keep pace with India’s rapid road and infrastructure development. BharatBenz Simulated Driver Trainer will enhance their driving skills, help them learn and adapt to modern technology in BharatBenz trucks, better their logistical efficiency, drive safer than before and strengthen their driving capability for interstate, intra-city, hilly and mining terrain applications. BharatBenz truck drivers can be trained in 5 languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, with more languages to be added this year. The Simulated Driver Trainer, in its initial phase, will cater to drivers of heavy-duty trucks (HDT).