Driving Sustainability: Kia launches Solar Powered Green workshop, targets 150 more by 2026

Kia India, a leading mass premium carmaker, is bringing alive its vision of becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider in India by inaugurating Kia’s first Green Workshop at Rohtak, Haryana. The solar panel powered facility optimizes water and energy usage extensively which helps in meeting more than 80% of the energy requirements while powering an EV AC charging unit.

Kia is also replicating its plant's water recycling model in this workshop by recycling 100% of the water used during the servicing process. In addition, it will also host a rainwater harvesting process to replenish the groundwater level. The workshop has also enhanced the car washing process with the introduction of Steam Wash technology, which saves 95% of water usage compared to the conventional car wash.

Committing itself to a sustainable future, Kia India also announced its plan to open 150 more Green Workshop by 2026. As per the company's initial plan, these facilities will cover even the tier 3 and 4 markets alongside metro cities and Tier 1 and 2, demonstrating Kia India's commitment to creating a better future for its people and communities.

Inaugurating the workshop, Mr. Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales and Business Strategy Officer – Kia India, said, "The opening of our first Green Workshop in Rohtak is a big move towards making Kia India a leading voice in sustainable mobility. Hence, we are committing to 150 Green Workshops by 2026. With these innovations, we're not just reducing our carbon footprint but also leading the industry and showcasing to our customers how eco-friendliness can merge seamlessly with top-notch driving experiences. We envision a future where being green and enjoying a premium drive go hand in hand.”

Kia India has been actively introducing environmentally friendly initiatives since its operations in India began. KIN's Anantapur manufacturing plant is equipped to recycle 100% of the water used during the manufacturing process. In 2020, Kia launched the paperless aftersales service, equipping the aftersales workforce with digital devices to process any query. Early this year, KIN also inaugurated two community initiatives - Develop Responsible Outlook for Plastic (DROP) and Uphaar. DROP aims to address the alarming concern of plastic waste and restrict its spread across landfills and water bodies, while Uphaar, on the other hand, is a tree plantation program initiated to extend support to the marginalized agrarian community and combat climate change.