Eicher launches Pro 8035XM with E-Smart Shift, focusing on increasing Truck Productivity and Driver Efficiency

Eicher launches Pro 8035XM with E-Smart Shift, focusing on increasing Truck Productivity and Driver Efficiency

Eicher Trucks & Buses, a business unit of VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, today unveils its Pro 8035XM with industry-leading E-smart Shift - Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). Aimed at setting new benchmarks for Truck Productivity for mining applications, this innovation is custom-developed for extreme and challenging mining environment. The meticulously designed vehicle provides drivers with unmatched comfort to deliver productivity throughout the vehicle’s productive life.

Embodying the ethos of 'Experience the Extreme,' Eicher Pro 8035XM E-smart tipper is engineered for the challenging conditions of mining operations. With a horsepower of 350 hp, the Pro 8035XM E-smart tipper stands out as the most powerful tipper in its category and reflects Eicher’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence. This makes it an ideal choice for the demanding needs of the mining and construction sectors, where extended working hours require superior power and efficiency. The new vehicle enhances the overall fleet efficiency and utilization levels by enhancing driver comfort and productivity which also leads to higher return on investment for fleet owners.

Commenting on the new launch, Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO, VECV, said, “VE Commercial Vehicles has strived to modernize the Indian commercial vehicle industry since its inception. The Eicher Pro 8035XM E-smart embodies 15 years of our dedicated efforts in this direction, offering enhanced features to boost operational efficiency for our customers. With the government's infrastructure initiatives driving the tipper demand in the country, this launch will contribute significantly to national development and infrastructure expansion. This vehicle stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing the Indian mining industry and powering the nation's progress.”

Gagandeep Singh Gandhok, Senior Vice President – HD Truck Business, VECV, emphasized the significance of this milestone and added, "Over the years, the Eicher Pro 8000 series tippers have represented the pinnacle of Indian trucks with leading engine power, transmission, body capacity, and cabin quality, making it the best-in-class mining tipper. The introduction of AMT in the Eicher Pro 8035XM is the next step in its development and will improve driver comfort and enhance the overall productivity and profitability for Eicher customers.”

Delivering on the Promise of Maximum Uptime with Eicher Uptime Centre and vast service network

All Eicher HD tippers are backed by 100% connectivity enabled by an industry-first Uptime Centre. This innovative service employs AI and Machine Learning for remote and predictive diagnostics, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. Eicher's extensive network includes 'Eicher Site Support' at 240+ locations that offer seamless assistance at remote sites, serving 150+ customers and supporting over 12,000 vehicles. Eicher’s vast service network comprises 850+ touchpoints nationwide, with 425+ authorized service centers and 8000+ retail centers. The new vehicle range will be backed by 'My Eicher,' a fleet management service that provides insights into performance metrics.

Making Strides in Telangana

Telangana is an important market for Eicher Trucks and Buses and the Eicher Pro 8000 series has been making significant contributions to prestigious projects like the Kaleshwaram and Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Projects in the state. With over 1000 Eicher Pro 8000 tippers operating in various irrigation and mining sites, this series has proven its mettle in the challenging Deccan terrain, delivering high productivity and efficiency. The deployment of 500 units in the Kaleshwaram Project alone underscores the trust placed in the Pro 8000 series by key customers to deliver critical infrastructure projects.

 VE Commercial Vehicles celebrates successful 15 years of JV with Volvo Group

This year marks a significant milestone as the Volvo Eicher Joint Venture (VECV) celebrates 15 years of operation in the country. Since its inception, VECV has been dedicated to driving modernization in the commercial vehicles industry. As VECV steps into the next phase of its growth journey, the brand wholeheartedly embraces sustainable practices across all segments, reaffirming its commitment to the adoption of sustainable practices across all segments.