Empowering Sneha Group’s business with Tata Motors

Poultry farming in India is undergoing rapid growth, fuelled by increased incomes, urbanisation, and demand from local and global markets. In FY24, an 8-10% revenue growth rate is expected. By 2028, the projected value is INR 3,477.8 billion with a 10.18% CAGR from 2023. In this sector, the Sneha Group, founded in 1982 by visionary Mr. D. Ram Reddy, is a key player and a household name in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as other Southern states, known for top-quality chicken products and diverse offerings which include poultry integration, poultry and fish feed, premixes, eggs, and edible oil extraction and refining with footprints across India and abroad. Notably, Tata Motors has been instrumental in propelling the successes of the Sneha Group.

Commenting on this successful partnership, Mr A. Venkat Reddy, Vice President, Sneha Farms said, “Back in 2018, in response to the growing demand and the need for seamless daily operations, we made a strategic decision to acquire 6 LPT 407 vehicles from Tata Motors. Today, the Sneha Group takes pride in operating a fleet of over 200 Tata Motors vehicles, which are the backbone of our daily operations. Tata Motors' unwavering commitment to providing timely solutions empowers the Sneha Group to rapidly adapt to industry changes and meticulously plan our fleet operations with precision, contributing significantly to our ongoing success.” On Tata Motors' exceptional dedicated driver training sessions, he remarked “The regular training sessions by Drona Drivers, have been crafted to enhance fuel efficiency, provide comprehensive insights into dashboard systems and acquaint drivers with BS6 vehicle regeneration processes. Consequently, we've witnessed substantial improvements in both driving behaviour and fuel efficiency.”

Speaking of the prosperous growth of Sneha Group, Mr Rajesh Kaul, Vice President & Business Head – Trucks, Tata Motors said, “At Tata Motors, we take immense pride in our enduring partnership with the Sneha Group, a prominent player in the vibrant poultry and agribusiness sector. Our dedicated sales and service teams have closely supported the company, offering continual assistance in their vehicle financing and purchase decisions. As we gaze toward the future, our alliance with the Sneha Group stands as a testament to successful collaboration, innovation, and shared growth.”

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