ETO Motors, India’s largest EMaaS company has onboarded 150 Auto drivers

Under the Own Your ETO (OYE) Scheme, ETO Motors plans to add 500 Electric 3-Wheelers every quarter to foster a positive and empowering environment for auto drivers in Mumbai

ETO Motors, India’s largest Electric Mobility as a Service (EMaaS) Company has on-boarded 150 drivers in Mumbai under the OWN YOUR ETO (OYE) Scheme. This is a first-of-its-kind scheme aimed at the 3-Wheeler auto drivers in Mumbai.

The driver partner recruitment drive was held 28 December 2023. Shri Jitendra Babu Rao Patil, Joint Transport Commissioner, Government of Maharashtra was the Chief Guest at the event. The event had over ten auto unions participating, and 150 auto drivers were selected under the OYE Scheme.

Under the OWN YOUR ETO Scheme, a driver partner will become the owner of the electric 3-wheeler in 3 years. Besides, ETO Motors will also provide accidental insurance to the driver.

ETO Motors have entered into a FORMAL AGREEMENT with Auto Unions in Mumbai to support the deployment of e3Ws in the city. They will also enter into an agreement with the auto Driver partners. ETO Motors will charge a daily rental from the driver partners. This rental will include free UNLIMITED CHARGING at specially designated EV Charging points being set up by ETO Motors. ETO Motors will also provide FREE vehicle maintenance by experts to ensure a hassle-free ride for the driver partners and the commuters.

All DRIVER PARTNERS will use the ETO provided APP which will enable them get access to commuters who are hailing rides in the vicinity. The DRIVER PARTNER will have to complete a minimum of 95 trips per week without cancellation. The DRIVER PARTNERS will have their earnings through the APP transferred to them every week under the OYE Scheme.

Existing auto driver desirous of becoming owners on an E-Auto under the OWN YOUR ETO Scheme need to have a verified local address (Electricity or Gas bill), a valid 3-wheeler license, and an identity card (Aadhar Card or a PAN Card or a VOTER ID or a VALID PASSPORT).

Speaking at the recruitment of driver partners under the OYE Scheme, Surender Nath, Executive Director, ETO Motors said, “We are the largest EMaaS company in India with over 1500 Electric 3-Wheelers and over 1500 Driver Partners across various cities in India. We believe in partnering with Drivers, both men and women, and give them an opportunity to earn a decent living. We also believe that Electric 3-wheelers are easy to drive and are the first significant step towards controlling vehicular emission and pollution. We are hoping that with the first tranche of 150 driver partners we will make a small dent in not only providing employment but also give our driver partners an opportunity to drive state-of-art e3Ws to ferry passengers. With the help of Auto Unions, we plan to add 500 e3Ws every quarter to ensure Mumbaikars will breathe easy.

Currently, ETO Motors partners with metro rails like Delhi Metro, Nagpur Metro, Hyderabad Metro, and Pune Metro for passenger first and last and last mile connectivity.

The e3Ws are manufactured in ETO Motors’ state-of-art manufacturing capacity in Jadcherla, Telangana which also includes a modern research and development lab. The e3Ws are manufactured with a focus on safety (only e3W in India with a seatbelt) and technology, incorporating a fully integrated Vehicle Control Unit and IoT connected platform.