Euler Motors and Magenta Mobility Scale-Up Partnership with 2000 New Orders

Euler Motors and Magenta Mobility Scale-Up Partnership with 2000 New Orders
Saurav Kumar, Founder CEO, Euler Motors & Maxson Lewis, Managing Director CEO, Magenta Mobility

Euler Motors, an electric vehicle company and a frontrunner in EV innovation and Magenta Mobility, an integrated electric mobility solutions provider, jointly announced the upscaling of their partnership with a new order of 2,000 HiLoad EVs. The new extended order comes on the back of the successful fulfilment and delivery of 500 HiLoad EVs from Euler Motors to Magenta. This order underscores the four-year-long partnership between Euler Motors and Magenta Mobility, and the high quality of the HiLoad vehicles.

The EVs for the new order will be manufactured at Euler Motors’ cutting-edge production and manufacturing hub at Palwal, Haryana, and are expected to be delivered within the next 18 months. Euler Motors and Magenta Mobility are driven by their shared goal of catalysing electric mobility and addressing the multiplying demand in the dynamic Indian logistics market. In addition to upgrading the commercial mobility space in the country, the deployment of these electric vehicles will also have a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions.

With the Euler HiLoad EVs industry-leading 13 (12.96) kWh battery pack, an ARAI-certified range of 170 km (Real RangeTM 100-120 km), and a 30% higher payload capacity of 688 kg, Euler Motors and Magenta Mobility aim to support many more clients across India, with their logistical needs. The ‘Made in India, Made for India’ vehicles will power clients with different types of use cases across varying terrain and weather conditions, enabling them with 30% higher earnings than any other 3W cargo in India.

Saurav Kumar, Founder & CEO of Euler Motors, expressed his enthusiasm about the successful partnership, stating, "We are proud to have achieved this milestone in collaboration with Magenta Mobility, building upon our long relationship. Their trust in our electric vehicles reaffirms the prowess of our technology. Together, we have been able to build on and improve our product. This continued collaboration will not only drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in India but will also inspire a nationwide shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation."
Maxson Lewis, Managing Director & CEO of Magenta Mobility also shared his perspective on the collaboration, stating, "At Magenta, our unwavering commitment lies in advancing sustainable transportation solutions—a vision we share with Euler Motors. Witnessing the exceptional quality of their vehicles and their impeccable management of timelines, we have great confidence in Euler Motors' capabilities. The decision to scale up significantly with an additional 2,000 electric vehicles is a testimony to our continued partnership. We anticipate that our alliance will not only positively influence the electric mobility landscape but also set new benchmarks for innovation across the industry.”

Together, Euler Motors and Magenta Mobility are setting the stage for a future where sustainable mobility powers logistics and profitability of businesses across the Indian economic landscape.