EV Infrastructure in Ayodhya

EV Infrastructure in Ayodhya
Tata Power and Ayodhya Development Authority join forces to drive e-mobility in Ayodhya

Tata Power and Ayodhya Development Authority join forces to drive e-mobility in Ayodhya - EV Charging Points

Tata Power, one of the leading players in the electric
vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure space, has collaborated with the Ayodhya
Development Authority to set up EV charging points in public parking locations across the city. This strategic partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and promote sustainable transportation solutions in the holy city of Ayodhya.

The official Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony took place in Ayodhya, and witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Mr. Gaurav Dayal, Divisional Commissioner of Ayodhya; Mr. Nitish Kumar, District Magistrate- Ayodhya; Mr. Vishal Singh, Vice Chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority along with Mr. Virendra Goyal, Head- Business Development (EV Charging), Tata Power. With a strong focus on promoting sustainable mobility, Tata Power and Ayodhya. Development Authority are focused on driving the adoption of cleaner energy alternatives in the city.

Under this collaboration, Tata Power proposes to install EV charging points at key
locations accessible to the public, including Parking Survya Kund , Guptar Ghat ,
Amaniganj multi-level parking (MLCP) in front of the Jalkal Department; Kaushesh Kunj MLCP parking near the Ayodhya railway station; Tedhi Bazar MLCP parking on the east and west sides of Ayodhya; and the Collectorate Office parking in Ayodhya. These selected sites have been strategically chosen to provide convenient and accessible charging facilities for EV users, ensuring a seamless charging experience across the city.

The partnership with Ayodhya Development Authority to install EV charging
infrastructure holds importance as Ayodhya is known for its holy significance and is a popular tourist destination that attracts a large number of visitors from around the world. This collaboration sends a powerful message to residents, pilgrims, and tourists about the importance of transitioning to cleaner and greener modes of transportation, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society while preserving the sanctity of the holy city.

Vice Chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority; emphasised the significance of thiscollaboration, stating, "This partnership between Tata Power and Ayodhya Development Authority is a significant milestone in promoting sustainable mobility in our pilgrimage city. By establishing EV charging infrastructure in public parking locations, we are not only providing convenient and accessible charging facilities for electric vehicle users but also highlighting our commitment to environmental preservation in a city of immense religious importance. Joining hands with Tata Power aligns with our vision of transforming Ayodhya into a cleaner and greener spot, ensuring a sustainable future for pilgrims and tourists, and contributing to the state’s holistic approach towards promoting EV adoption."