Expert opinions on World EV Day

Expert opinions on World EV Day has compiled the Industry leaders' views on the occasion of World EV Day

Prateek Saxena, Founder and CEO, Hygge Energy states, "In order to protect and restore the Earth's environment effectively, carbon capture, carbon displacement, and carbon reduction require an integrated, technology-driven approach that is ethical, transparent, and inclusive. Let's all win together."  

Sunil Gupta, COO, Vedanta Ltd. – Aluminium Business said, "EVs are poised to play a pivotal role in steering the planet towards a more environmentally sustainable future. Aluminium is key to advancing this endeavour, thanks to its remarkable versatility. We are a trusted partner to the automotive sector, focused on developing world-class products to meet their specific requirements and help them reduce their carbon footprint."

Omega Seiki Mobility, Founder and Chairman, Uday Narang said, "World EV Day holds a special place in the heart of Omega Seiki Mobility because it embodies the very essence of our journey. On World EV Day, it feels like Independence Day for all of us in the EV industry. Just as a nation celebrates its freedom, we celebrate the freedom from fossil fuels, from pollution, and from the limitations of traditional transportation. With every electric vehicle we produce, we are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future, and today, we stand together with fellow EV players to commemorate our shared commitment to this transformative journey.”

Devndra Chawla, CEO & MD, GreenCell Mobility states, “World EV Day reminds us that the road to a sustainable future begins with a single charge and at GreenCell Mobility, we are successfully ferrying people across cities, through our fleet of over 1000 electric buses and building a solid network of charging stations across our operating routes. With the ever-increasing pace of climate change and global warming, the time to shift gears and embrace electric mobility is now, and we look forward to paving the way for India’s switch to electric mobility.”

Sudhir Mehta- Chairman of Eka Mobility said, "EKA Mobility stands proud of its commitment to revolutionizing the commercial electric mobility landscape. We are dedicated to bringing made-in-Bharat products & solutions that not only propel our nation towards sustainability but also exemplify the spirit of self-reliance. By fostering innovation and championing local manufacturing, we envision a future where our electric mobility products not only redefine the industry but also contribute significantly to our nation's economic growth. With a relentless focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, EKA Mobility is leading the charge toward an electric future that is authentically Indian and globally admired."

Sameer Aggarwal, Founder and CEO at Revfin Services said, "As we commemorate EV Day, I'm reminded of the incredible journey we've embarked upon at Revfin, marked by  over 456+ million zero-emission kilometers enabled, 43650+ tons of CO2 emission saved, and counting. Our mission has always been to empower every Indian to embrace electric mobility, and today, we are committed to fueling this transformation. With the world shifting towards sustainable transportation, EVs are no longer the future; they are the present. We're dedicated to removing barriers to EV adoption, providing flexible and affordable financing solutions to make electric vehicles accessible to all."

On behalf of MG Motor India, "World EV Day marks significance in driving the EV transformation in India. As one of the pioneers, we have laid the foundation of creating a strong EV ecosystem and have been aggressively working towards strengthening the same. Under the MG Charge program, we are cohesively working to develop a 6-way charging solution that includes a free-of-cost AC fast-charger (installed at the customer’s home/office), an extended charging network, a plug-and-charge cable onboard, charge-on-the-go, and community chargers. Till date, we have set up over 12000 charging touchpoints including home and public chargers across the country."

Sanjay Behl, CEO and Executive Director, Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited, "Celebrating World EV Day, Greaves stands tall as a pioneer in reshaping the landscape of sustainable, clean technology and eco-friendly mobility systems in India.  Our unwavering dedication to innovation, coupled with our vision to make affordable, last-mile clean technology personal mobility universally accessible, has propelled us to the forefront of the electric vehicle evolution.  This journey is steering us closer to a net-zero emissions future on planet earth by 2070.   With over 2 Lakh happy customers and over a billion electric miles logged-in, we are propelling the creation of an all-encompassing EV ecosystem, catalysing electric vehicle adoption nationwide and beyond.  The road ahead promises reduced emissions, energy efficiency, and a renewed urban landscape, driving us towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”

Vivek Vikram Singh, MD & Group CEO, Sona Comstar states, “The worldwide shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) has gained substantial momentum, driving us towards a more sustainable future in mobility. Globally, there has been a concerted effort to accelerate the development of an electrified ecosystem, with the overarching goal of reducing carbon emissions across the entire value chain. At Sona Comstar, our strategic focus on leading the charge in the electrification of mobility worldwide has prompted us to proactively invest in research and development. Consequently, we have created a diverse product portfolio encompassing various types of electrified powertrains, allowing us to effectively meet the escalating demands of global EV original equipment manufacturers and adapt to the evolving industry landscape. This led to the rise in our battery electric vehicles revenue share to 26%, with a 33% growth in absolute revenue, reaching INR 6.7 billion in the last fiscal.”

Unsoo Kim, MD & CEO,  Hyundai Motor India Ltd, “At Hyundai, sustainability is a key pillar on which our brand vision ‘Progress for Humanity’ is based. ' We're propelling a green mobility revolution in India, which is committed to reducing carbon footprint through our fuel-efficient range of vehicles, zero-emission range of EVs and clean-fuel driven CNG vehicles. HMIL is determined to lead India's 'pump-to-plug' journey, by leveraging Hyundai Motor’s global resources and expertise. Hyundai Motor India’s flagship model, all-electric SUV IONIQ 5 is helping Hyundai set a strong base for future electric models in India, by showcasing future sustainable smart mobility technology through electric modular architecture and usage of eco-friendly materials in vehicle manufacturing. HMIL is a catalyst in accelerating the transition towards carbon-neutral manufacturing. Our upcoming advanced battery pack assembly unit will produce 178,000 units annually. To bolster India's EV infrastructure, we're deploying more than 110 (60/120 kW) fast chargers at our dealerships across India, and a vast network of ultra-fast EV charging stations along national highways. We're committed to driving EV adoption in line with the Indian Government's electrification goals."

Siddhartha Bagri, CEO, PRAVAIG, “Emobility ushers in the age of digital drivetrains, upon which various services can seamlessly operate. This synergy elevates cars beyond their traditional role, surpassing the combined significance of vehicles and living spaces. In this transformative journey, ensuring consumer ownership and control takes center stage, along with safeguarding our rights to our data and property.”