Fostering Meaningful Connections at 36,000 Feet: Air India Express and AirAsia India Cabin Crew Distribute Rakhis

In a gesture filled with warmth andsignificance, Air India Express and AirAsia India celebrated the spirit ofunity on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, with cabin crew and airportstaff distributingRakhis onall itsflights acrossIndia. Thecustom-designed Rakhis were specially created with a sustainableapproach, underscoring the airlines' steadfast dedication to nurturingmeaningful connectionsand delightingits guests.

Rakhi celebrates the bond and love between siblings and holds aspecial place in the hearts of people in India and across the Indiandiaspora globally.The designof thecustom-made rakhisdraw inspirationfrom theintricate mechanicsof anaircraft engine,with acircular centralmotif resemblinga propeller.The dialof theRakhi ismade ofMedium DensityFiberboard (MDF)wood, andthe two-tonedthreads are woven with cotton. This initiative also presented theopportunity and experience for siblings travelling together to celebratethe occasion 36,000 feet in the sky. The airlines also showcasedhighlights fromthe specialRakhi activityon theirshared socialmedia platform,@airindiax.

AIXL currently operates flights from 20 Indian cities to 14 regional international destinations, while AIXC serves 19 domestic destinations, complementing each other's networks to provide an extensive network for flyers across India and short-haul international markets.