Goldstone Technologies and Perschke Drive Sustainable Mobility and Innovation Forward

Goldstone Technologies and Perschke Drive Sustainable Mobility and Innovation Forward

Goldstone Technologies (GTL), a pioneering Indian company specializing in business intelligence, data analytics and EV Technology supported by AI takes a strategic leap by welcoming Mr. Michael Perschke, a trailblazer in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, has been appointed to its Board. With a stellar career, including roles as CEO and Board Member of Ǫuantron AG, a leading German provider of clean battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility solutions for commercial vehicles, Mr Perschke's appointment marks a milestone in Goldstone
Technologies' pursuit of sustainable transformation and innovation.

In his previous leadership roles, Mr Michael Perschke's career includes being the founder-CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, Senior Director at Audi AG, Managing Director at Audi India, and Director Steering of the National Safety Code at the Volkswagen Group. He also assumed key roles at Mitsubishi in Europe, and Mercedes-Benz in India and China. Mr Perschke's board appointment at Goldstone Technologies signifies transformative potential, exemplified by the collaborative venture 'ROǪIT' with Ǫuantron.

"I am honored to join Goldstone Technologies as a Director on the Board, further contributing to the transformation of Goldstone Technologies into an AI-driven technology powerhouse. Our focus will be on developing and supporting sustainable, zero-emission SaaS platforms and products that have the potential to reshape the industry" remarked Mr Michael Perschke.

The Goldstone Technologies-Ǫuantron partnership, ROǪIT introduces sustainable solutions to the logistics industry, meeting the pressing need for zero-emission transport. This collaboration includes a substantial double-digit million Euro investment over 36 months to develop an AI-driven, SaaS-based platform. This disruptive tool will serve as both a transactional and customer interface, aiding fleet performance measurement, GHG quota applications, Insurance as a Service
and vehicle/fleet Analytics. Aligned with shared values, it taps into the anticipated 160-270 billion USD global market for OEM agnostic Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Solutions by 2030, focusing on Europe, the USA, India, and the Middle East.

Speaking on the appointment, Mr Deepankar Tiwari, a Member of the Board
of Directors of GTL said, “We're excited to welcome Mr. Michael Perschke to the Goldstone Technologies board. His expertise in the electric vehicle industry and visionary leadership will greatly enhance our commitment to sustainable innovation. His appointment is a significant milestone in our journey toward pioneering eco-friendly mobility solutions and AI-driven advancements”. Mr Deepankar Tiwari himself is a leading influencer in the Sustainable Mobility Industry, Ex-Uber India head, Ex-Tata Motors, and a Key stakeholder in Zoom cars.

Through this partnership, Goldstone Technologies takes a decisive stride in tackling the projected $ 70 Billion Fleet Management market by 2032, aligned with the anticipated $ 320 Billion global investments in the Hydrogen Economy markets by 2030. Leveraging the rich resources of the Indian ecosystem, both entities are primed to harness expertise and innovation, propelling significant advancements on the global stage. Mr Perschke's board inclusion underscores Goldstone Technologies' unwavering commitment to sustainable innovation, complemented by the distinct attributes of Goldstone Technologies Digital Platform – Partner Agnostic, Modular, and OEM Independent. With Data Insights
projected to reach a global market value of $ 71 Billion (INR 5.6 Lakh Crores) by 2032, Goldstone Technologies' contribution empowers customers with data-backed analytics, fortified by BI and Analytics Full Stack capabilities, along with a suite of robust service offerings. This strategic partnership propels Goldstone Technologies' journey toward electric mobility and AI-driven solutions, united by shared values and expert insights.