GSRTC flags off SWITCH EiV 22 Double Decker buses as part of order for Sustainable Urban Transit in Gujarat

GSRTC flags off SWITCH EiV 22 Double Decker buses as part of order for Sustainable Urban Transit in Gujarat
SWITCH EiV 22 AC Electric Double Decker buses

SWITCH Mobility Ltd (‘Switch’), the next-generation manufacturer of carbon neutral electric bus and light commercial vehicles, and a part of the Hinduja Group, marked a significant milestone at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024. The iconic double-decker bus, SWITCH EiV 22, was flagged-off by Shri. Bhupendrabhai Patel, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat, at GIFT City on Sunday, solidifying the brand’s commitment to shaping the future of sustainable urban mobility.

The inaugural ride of the bus was taken by the Chief Minister, Minister of State for Transport Harsh Sanghavi, GIFT City chairman Hasmukh Adhia and GIFT City Managing Director Tapan Ray, Additional Chief Secretary (Ports, Transport, Revenue) MK Das and GSRTC MD MA Gandhi.

As part of GSRTC's commitment to enhancing public transportation in Gujarat, five SWITCH EiV 22 buses have been procured. These buses, designed, developed, and manufactured by SWITCH Mobility, will be operated on the route between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad along the SG Highway, providing a sustainable solution for commuters in the region.  The GSRTC fleet aims to provide cleaner, smarter intra-city travel, with SWITCH Mobility handling the supply, operation, and maintenance of these five electric buses.

Mr. Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer, SWITCH Mobility Automotive Ltd., said: “Unveiling the country’s first EV double-decker, SWITCH EiV 22, in August 2022 was a testament to our dedication to redefining urban mobility. Today, as we deliver these groundbreaking double-deckers to GSRTC, it is an honor to contribute to Gujarat's vision of sustainable progress. These buses will become iconic attractions on the Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad route, connecting cities not only with efficiency but also with a panoramic, comfortable, and truly electrifying experience for passengers. The spacious interiors, premium seating, and innovative features like extra-wide doors promise a new era of elevated commuter comfort.

Shri. Bhupendrabhai Patel, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat, flags off SWITCH EiV 22 AC Electric Double Decker buses at GIFT City

As we celebrate the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, let these buses symbolize not only technological advancement but also a commitment to a transportation system that prioritizes both people and the planet. May these double-deckers become synonymous with a new era of smart, green, and truly delightful urban travel in Gujarat!”

In conjunction with the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2024, scheduled for January 9th, where the focus will be on 'TECHADE and Disruptive Technologies,' the innovative SWITCH EiV 22 double-decker buses will symbolize a leap forward in sustainable urban transportation. Launched in August 2022, the SWITCH EiV 22 revolutionizes intra-city bus travel in India with its contemporary double-decker design and fully electric capabilities. Tailored for cleaner, smarter journeys, it features cutting-edge technology, including an India-tailored AC system, extra-wide doors, and an emergency exit for safety compliance. Accommodating 65 passengers, the bus prioritizes comfort with premium interiors and lightweight cushions. Proprietary solutions like 'Switch iON' enable remote diagnostics and real-time monitoring. The 231 kWh battery pack, employing advanced lithium-ion NMC chemistry, provides an impressive 250 km range per day. The SWITCH EiV 22 represents a paradigm shift in sustainable urban transportation.

 SWITCH Mobility's extensive fleet, comprising nearly 600 buses, operates seamlessly across major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. Having covered more than 50+ million eco-friendly kilometers since 2018 in India, SWITCH Mobility takes pride in an exceptional operational uptime exceeding 98%. This accomplishment aligns with the brand's mission to enhance lives through green mobility, delivering cleaner, smarter journeys that are accessible to all.