Guinness Book record holder, Sushil Reddy takes an Eco ride with MG ZS EV

Guinness Book record holder, Sushil Reddy takes an Eco ride with MG ZS EV

to spread awareness of sustainable mobility

In another endeavour, sustainability advocate Sushil Reddy educated the students through the ‘SunPedal Ride’- a cross-India drive from the streets of Mumbai to the wildlife sanctuary of Kaziranga. This expedition, over 25 cities and 9,000+ kms, marked a significant milestone in Reddy's mission to promote sustainable mobility and challenge prevalent myths surrounding electric vehicles (EVs).

The MG ZS EV, India’s first Pure Electric Internet SUV, is at the heart of this journey, symbolising the fusion of innovation and environmental awareness. On this odyssey, Reddy unveiled the enduring potential of EVs across diverse terrains and cultures of India. Along the route to Kaziranga, Sushil visited prominent colleges and institutes to educate students on EVs' advantages, including their economical running and ownership costs, reduced carbon emission, comfortable driving experience, evolving charging infrastructure, and battery types and safety, and many other compelling benefits. 

The college sessions concluded with a quiz and a demo of the MG ZS EV, which has a range of 461km*, including a test ride opportunity for some students. Through this program, Sushil Reddy, connected with more than 5,000 students in 20 universities over 60 days.

Reddy's expedition is intended to navigate a strong narrative capturing electric mobility's sophistication, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and reliability and nurture the minds of those who are the country's future. With every mile travelled, the MG ZS EV paves the way for a greener tomorrow, where sustainability and elegance converge in perfect harmony. Reddy encourages people to join the move towards a sustainable future by challenging misconceptions and fostering dialogue. On its part, MG Motor India is committed to creating a robust EV ecosystem through several initiatives.