Hendrickson Launches Air and Mechanical Suspensions and Axles for Trailer Applications in India

Hendrickson Launches Air and Mechanical Suspensions and Axles for Trailer Applications in India
(From L to R) Mr. Gerry Remus - Vice President General Manager, Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems, Mr. Richardo Martin - Vice President of International Operations, Mr. Matt Joy - President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mohit Khosla- Managing Director, Hendrickson India

Hendrickson, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of  medium and heavy-duty mechanical, elastomeric and air suspensions, integrated and non integrated axles, and other commercial vehicle systems, announces the launch of their  innovative air and mechanical suspensions and axles for trailer applications in India. With a  rich legacy of 110 years in driving technology, design, and innovation, Hendrickson continues  to set new benchmarks in providing customized components and suspension systems for the  global commercial transportation industry.

Hendrickson (a Boler Company) forayed into India in 2006 through a Joint Venture with Tata  AutoComp Systems and in 2011 incorporated a 100% subsidiary named Watson & Chalin India  Pvt Ltd to expand its manufacturing footprint for truck and trailer products and serve as a  manufacturing base to support global customers in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Hendrickson presently have sales and distribution facilities and/or state-of-the-art  manufacturing and research and development centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico,  Colombia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Romania, France, Poland, Turkey, India, China,  Japan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. With its manufacturing facilities for truck and  trailer axles and suspensions, Hendrickson is committed to delivering cutting-edge products  tailored to the local geography and terrain in India.

Expressing his delight about the launch of these innovative products in India, Matthew Joy,  President, and Chief Executive Officer of Hendrickson, states, “Today, we are excited to introduce these innovative Ride Solutions for trailer applications in India, with the goal of  serving and supporting the industry's evolving needs. Every day, millions of Hendrickson  suspension systems and components worldwide carry loads of freight and raw materials,  showcasing our commitment to providing durable, lightweight, and high-performing  suspension systems and components. Our global presence and dedication to delivering  products and services that benefit manufacturers, fleets and owner-operators worldwide are  key factors in our success. Our tagline, 'The World Rides on Us’ encapsulates our brand's spirit  and reflects our 110- years of innovation” added Joy.

Richardo Martin, Vice President of International Operations, adds, "Over the years, we have become a force to reckon with in the industry. Our entrepreneurial attitude fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging all our associates to discover, invent, and modernize. This philosophy enables us to create state-of-the-art products and establish ourselves as an industry leader. We work closely with fleets and truck and trailer manufacturers worldwide, collaborating on new product development. In addition to our innovative products, we provide extensive technical support and training services to ensure the proper installation, operation, service, and maintenance of Hendrickson equipment and aftermarket components. Our 'Innovation Built In' philosophy extends throughout our global network of are committed to serving the transportation industry with cost-effective ride solutions that  enhance productivity and profitability”.

Hendrickson India's commitment to innovation and advanced technology is evident in the  unique features and patented technologies incorporated into their products for Trucks and  Trailers. As Mohit Khosla, Whole-time Director & Chief Executive Officer for India & Middle  East, states, "We are happy to introduce these cutting-edge products in the Indian market. In India, we are committed to continual improvement, ensuring customer trust and safety. We  have gained the trust of OEMs, fleets, and owner-operators, thanks to our advanced  innovative patented technologies. We are rapidly transitioning into India's leading axle and  suspension system manufacturing company for truck and trailer applications. With the  introduction of our new Air and Mechanical Suspensions, we reaffirm our dedication to  delivering rugged, high-performance and cost-effective solutions. These products offer  outstanding ride quality and control for various types of trailers on Indian roads, including flat  beds, containers, tankers, bulkers, sidewall trailers, and tip trailers. These suspensions will be  manufactured locally as part of the Make in India initiative of the Government of India and  will be the lightest systems in the market offering un-matched payload and operating  efficiency advantages to their customers. Especially designed and applicated for the Indian  terrain, these suspensions exemplify our unwavering commitment to excellence and our  mission to drive technology, design, and innovation in the commercial transportation industry.

The Indian market currently witnesses an annual demand of about 40,000 trailers, with  mechanical suspensions accounting for about 70% of the market share. The migration to air  suspensions has commenced and will gain momentum as the road infrastructure continues to  grow and customer expectations demand the adoption of new technologies.

To cater to this growing market, Hendrickson in India is introducing a dual brand strategy of  bringing premium products under the Hendrickson brand and cost-effective, locally  manufactured products under the Watson & Chalin brand. These options will offer solutions  to a wide base of customers all having different business challenges that need to be  addressed.”