Hero Lectro Introduces Muv-E: Setting a New Standard for Last Mile Deliveries

Hero Lectro Introduces Muv-E: Setting a New Standard for Last Mile Deliveries

Hero Lectro, the e-cycle brand of Firefox Bikes Ltd., proudly introduces its latest innovation: Muv-E, a groundbreaking cargo e-cycle tailored for fleet operators, small business owners, and delivery riders seeking an affordable and eco-conscious solution for short-distance commutes. Priced at INR 61,999 and available in a sleek black color variant, the Muv-E caters to the diverse needs of last-mile delivery with its thoughtful design features.

Equipped with a front basket boasting a load-carrying capacity of up to 10 Kgs and a rear carrier capable of accommodating loads up to 25 Kgs, making it a versatile and efficient option for transporting packages, cargo and more. Prioritizing efficiency and safety, it boasts a robust total load capacity of 120 kgs, including the rider's weight. Featuring a detachable battery with a capacity of 14.5 AH, the Muv-E offers a remarkable range of up to 70 kms with pedal assist on a single charge. With a quick charge time of just 8 hours, riders can enjoy uninterrupted journeys. What's more, Muv-E doesn't require a license, providing a hassle-free commuting experience.

Customized for small-scale deliveries, the Muv-E showcases a 'Charge the Mobile on the Go' feature, providing unparalleled convenience by allowing users to charge their mobile devices while on the move, supported by an LED Display S2 with USB Charger Type. Cushioned seats guarantee a comfortable riding experience, ideal for long journeys. Safety and convenience are paramount, with features such as a key ignition system for extra protection and a high-power front light boasting 40 LUX for optimal visibility during nighttime rides.

Mr. Sriram Sundresan, CEO of Firefox Bikes, shared his profound excitement about the launch, emphasizing, ""The unveiling of Muv-E marks a significant leap forward in our mission to redefine urban mobility. With its remarkable load capacity, cost-efficient operation, and eco-conscious design, Muv-E epitomizes our dedication to sustainable transportation solutions. Notably, Muv-E distinguishes itself with negligible maintenance costs compared to traditional two-wheelers, providing a cost-effective solution for urban mobility. Additionally, its ability to cover 14 kilometers on just one rupee not only enhances its appeal but also underscores its role in fostering economic and environmental sustainability. These features enable the MUV-E to support gig work effectively, leading to higher earnings and better economic growth in this sector. We believe Muv-E will not only revolutionize last-mile delivery operations but also contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions in our cities, promoting cleaner and greener urban landscapes."

The MUV-E also features a 7-speed Shimano gear system, offering smooth and effortless gear shifts, while its IP67 rating ensures excellent water and dust resistance, providing durability and reliability in all weather conditions. With a maximum speed on throttle of <25 Km/hr, the MUV-E adheres to safety regulations while offering optimal performance. Anti-skid pedals with reflector alloy BP-8000, along with reflectors as per safety norms, enhance visibility and safety on the road. Furthermore, the inclusion of an 80 mm Travel Suspension and a 26" Alloy Unisex frame ensures a smooth and stable ride, catering to riders of all preferences and sizes.