IndianOil Skytanking (IOSL) levels up fleet safety at airports with Netradyne’s futuristic fleet-safety solutions

IndianOil Skytanking (IOSL) levels up fleet safety at airports with Netradyne’s futuristic fleet-safety solutions

India’s largest service provider of jet-fuel management at airports improves its fleet safety standards with a vision-based driver safety solution from Netradyne

Netradyne, a Make-in-India provider of AI technology for fleet and driver safety, announces its collaboration with IndianOil Skytanking, India's foremost aviation fuel management and airline fueling service provider. As a part of the engagement, Netradyne will provide its flagship platform, Driver•i, the industry’s most advanced fleet safety camera platform that uses vision-based technologies to enhance driver safety, mitigate risks, and improve overall fleet management at airports across India. 

Operating fuel-management and refueling services for airlines in high-activity environments, such as airports, brings a unique set of challenges and risks where precision and safety are paramount. IOSL, with its rich legacy and commitment to excellence, has been instrumental in shaping the aviation fueling landscape in India. This partnership with Netradyne reinforces their commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency, solidifying their position as a pioneer in the aviation sector.

A.P. Acharya, Sr. Vice President at IOSL said, “Today, we operate the biggest jet-fuel storage and plane-fueling operations across 32 airports, and we’re proud to partner with Netradyne, a Make-in-India technology solution that shares our vision for safety and excellence. Our fleets operate in high-risk zones, and our partnership with Netradyne will ensure that our drivers and fleet managers achieve 360-degree safety in our ground operations.

IOSL will leverage Netradyne’s innovative fleet safety solutions and ensure the highest operational safety standards through:

  • Using real-time advanced analytics and driver alerts, Driver•i will ensure the safety standards set by the DGCA are followed across the entire fleet.
  • Driver•i's unique data-driven system recognizes positive driving behavior, identifies areas for improvement and helps in the implementation of targeted training programs, a critical function for elevating overall safety and maximizing operational standards at airports.
  • Netradyne’s advanced multi-camera functionality will enhance the driver’s visibility around the vehicle, minimizing risks in high-activity areas around an airline during refueling.
  • Blind spot monitoring cameras with in-cabin monitoring facility will add additional layers of safety for IOSL fleets.
Durgadutt Nedungadi, Sr. Vice-President at Netradyne, said, “In joining hands with IndianOil Skytanking, we are expanding our footprint to enhance driver and fleet safety on our highways and even in highly versatile locations such as airports. This proactive approach not only safeguards the well-being of drivers and ground personnel but also fosters a culture of safety excellence, enhancing the seamless and efficient operations that IOSL is known for.

Indian Oil Skytanking has long been the flagbearer of excellence in the aviation fueling sector, and this partnership marks a significant milestone in their commitment to furthering operational safety at airports across the nation.