International Tractors Limited (ITL) launches 5 new tractor series in presence of its 200+ global channel partners; targets to double its global sales in next 3 years

International Tractors Limited (ITL) launches 5 new tractor series in presence of its 200+ global channel partners; targets to double its global sales in next 3 years

International Tractors Limited (ITL), India’s number one exporter of tractors, today launched 5 tractors, including their electric model – Solis SV Series, with cutting-edge technology to transform the world farming landscape. These revolutionary farm machines offer a superior blend of advanced technology, power, and versatility to enhance productivity and efficiency for farming communities worldwide.  The new product launch happened concurrently with ITL's global conference 'Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200' in Gurugram, India which saw participation of over 200 channel partners members from various countries of the world. 

The new line-up of tractor comprises Series S, Series C, Series H, and Series N, along with the SV series, and all products are power packed with world-class technology and advanced emission control system. Leveraging its strengths of a strong manufacturing base in India and superior worldwide network of 3,000 dealers, ITL offers highest quality products at a very competitive cost to farmers across the globe. While Series H, Series S, and Solis SV models are launched globally, Series C will be available for European markets and Series N will cater to markets including Europe, USA, Africa and South America Regions.  The EV variant in particular guarantees superior torque availability at all the times and can be charged from 0-100% in 3-3.5 hours using a fast charger and in 8 hours using a regular charger.

Announcing the launch of the five new series, Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal, Executive Director of ITL said, “Our commitment to develop hero products for our customers with superior quality and offer world class customer service has inspired us to invest Rs. 850 cr. in technology up-gradation with our new plant and Rs. 150 cr. into R&D to launch new tractor series. All our new tractors reflect upon our dedication to innovation and our ongoing commitment to ensure prosperity for the world farming community.”

Sharing his thoughts on the exciting launch, Mr. Rahul Mittal, Executive Director of ITL said, “We have found a winning formula by combining European styling and Japanese quality at Indian manufacturing costs. The special ingredient in this formula is our constant growth mindset with biggest network of channel partners who dream big,  are willing to take up new challenges and are ready to reinvent. This formula is shaking up the global tractor industry. Our aim is to help farmers all across the globe to increase their productivity and make a difference in their life. We aim to achieve that through innovation.”

Mr. Gaurav Saxena, Director and CEO of International Business at ITL, “At International Tractors Limited, we believe in a global commitment towards the agri community that transcends borders and truly value our customer’s prosperity. Our new product offerings are designed to shape the future of farming and we regularly keep introducing new tractors or upgrading our product portfolio based on market feedback. We have been the No 1. Export brand from India since last 4 years and hold No. 1 position in 14 countries in the addressable segment. These new five tractor series will enable us to strengthen our position in the world markets, serve a wider range of customers as well as penetrate newer segments in various markets together with support of our biggest network of over 3000 dealers.”

International Tractors Limited is No.1 in 15+ countries including Hungary, Portugal, Iceland, Germany, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Nepal, Myanmar, Algeria and many more in the addressable segment. It is a leading Indian company exporting advanced technology equipped tractors in 16-125 HP segments to 150+ countries of the world. The company has grown significantly in the last few years with a market share of 28% in FY23 surging to 36% in H1 FY24.

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