Lexus rolls out one-of-a-kind ‘Lexus Meraki on Wheels’

Lexus rolls out one-of-a-kind ‘Lexus Meraki on Wheels’
Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India inaugrating Lexus Meraki on Wheels in Calicut

Embodying the true spirit of Omotenashi, Lexus Kochi takes Lexus on phygital ground for an innovative retail experience to the doorsteps of its guests in Kerala

Aligning with its inherent vision of Omotenashi, Lexus India today announced the inauguration of its first & one-of-a-kind Lexus Meraki on Wheels, a unique and innovative retail experience that would bring Lexus closer to its guests.

In an age marked by blurring differences between physical and digital worlds, phygital experiences are leading the way in enhancing the brand experience. Going beyond the realms of digitisation and brick-and-motor, Lexus Meraki on Wheels is a crafted version of taking Lexus on phygital ground for a more immersive experience for its guests.

Inspired by the Greek concept of Meraki, the new mobile brand space was introduced in Calicut today, the fourth such inclusive Meraki in India. The other being in Gurugram, Coimbatore, and Pune.

The state of Kerala with its unique topography & demographic distribution, poses a challenge in reaching out to prospective Lexus Guests in the state. Thereby with the Meraki on Wheels, Lexus aims to reach its discerning guests, with a focus on connecting the remote parts of the state. The Meraki will be docked at one location for 3-6 months and will tour 2-3 key cities in the state over a period of a year. With this new retail strategy, Lexus experience can now be made available at the guest’s doorsteps. Currently, Lexus has three service points in the state of Kerala – Kochi, Trivandrum & Calicut. With the new Meraki on Wheels, Lexus Brand Space in the country will be enhanced to 17 markets across 24 touchpoints.

‘A miniature brand space on wheels’, the set-up involves a luxury sedan on display and a Guest Lounge, a space dedicated to representing the values and philosophy of Lexus. A manifestation of Lexus Omotenashi, the Meraki is designed to provide guests with the full Lexus experience, be it in metros or Tier II and III markets. With interiors that boast of a Luxurious Guest Lounge, 65' LED TV, Displays and décor befitting the brand, guests will be able to see the Lexus brand elements in all its splendour. Hosted inside the lounge will be a virtual guest experience centre called the Virtual Dome. The virtual guest experience centre will house an array of models such as the NX, LX, ES, LC and LS to begin with and will provide guests with a complete 3D-based experience, including an in-depth understanding of each model, its interior, exterior and functionality. Additionally, guests can similarly enquire and place requests for a test drive.

During the inauguration, M.A.M. Babu Moopan, Chairman Lexus Kochi GEC expressed, ‘We recently inaugurated our GEC in Kochi. Owing to the overwhelming response in the region, we are thrilled to bring this innovative concept for our discerning guests across Kerala. With Lexus Meraki on Wheels, we are confident of expanding our reach and taking the brand to the remote corners of the state. The next phase of growth will come from these markets.’

Commenting at the inauguration, Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India said, ‘Kerala is a key hub for Lexus India’s future mobility strategy in the southern region. With the establishment of our GEC facility in Kochi recently, we are bullish on the potential of Lexus in the region. The launch of Lexus Meraki on Wheels further reiterates our commitment of offering an unparalleled brand experience for our guests, here in Kerala. With this unique retail experience, we are determined to bring the Lexus experience to the doorstep of our guests irrespective of their geographical presence, especially in the non-metro markets”.

Kerala is one of the fastest growing markets in terms of HNI population and wealth. People are getting affluent and are willing to shell out more on luxury items. An increasing number of these customers are upgrading their cars to more expensive models. There has been a sizeable surge in demand for Lexus in India, and the brand foresees this growth trajectory to continue for the coming years.

Since its inception in 2017, Lexus has been dedicated to providing exceptional experiences to its guests through initiatives such as Lexus Life, Guest Experience Centers, and more recently the ‘Lexus Taiken Card’. The Taiken Card provides an amazing opportunity for discerning Lexus owners in India, who are on the lookout for curated experiences and lifestyle events around the world. It provides exclusive access* to the most amazing events and bespoke experiences.