LIBF Expo 2024: Connecting Worldwide Businesses, Creating Opportunities

LIBF Expo 2024: Connecting Worldwide Businesses, Creating Opportunities
LIBF Expo 2024 - Mumbai Press Conference

The eagerly awaited first edition of LIBF Expo 2024 is officially announced, marking a premier international event designed to foster meaningful business relationships that transcend geographical boundaries. Scheduled to be held from the 18th to the 21st of January 2024, at the Helipad Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the curtain-raiser, Press Conference for the event was held at the Indian Merchant Chambers at Mumbai. The LIBF Expo 2024 will offer participants a global platform to present their diverse range of products and services to an international audience, for collaboration and growth. With the participation of over 34 diverse sectors which includes Real Estate and Infrastructure, BFSI, Healthcare, Education, Food & FMCG, among others, the event would showcase businesses from more than 30 countries, all under one roof.

The audience would include a curated blend of business professionals, industry frontrunners, government officials, academic scholars, innovative minds and start-ups. All seeking avenues for global trade and expansive networking in a business conducive environment. The Press Conference attracted leading head-honchos from the industry which included Mr. Satish Vithalani, President of the Lohana Community; Mr. Vijay Karia, Chairman of the Lohana Business Development Committee and Director of LIBF, Chairman and MD Ravin Group; Mr. Subhash Thakrar, Chairman, Attlee Youth and Community Centre in Tower Hamlets, London; Mr. Mahendra Ghelani, Trustee and Advisory Committee Chairman, Shree Lohana Mahaparishad; Mr. Samir Somaiya, Chairman, Godavari Biorefineries and President-Somaiya Vidyavihar, Somaiya Group and Trusts; Mr. Janak C Thacker, Director, Lalkar Group; Mr. Chintan Vasani, Founder Partner, Wisebiz Realty; illuminated the Expo's potential as a driving force for international business development.

On this occasion, Mr. Satish Vithalani, President, Lohana Community said, “Marking its inaugural edition in India, LIBF Expo 2024 goes beyond a conventional exhibition; it promises to be an enriching and transformative experience, fostering business growth not only within India but also on a global scale. The resounding success of the LIBF 2023 ‘Africa Calling’ conference in Uganda, where numerous MOUs were inked, this success propels us towards a larger and more targeted platform. This strategic move is driven by the thriving real estate sector in India, expected to attain a market size of US$ 1 trillion by 2030, contributing 13% to the country's GDP by 2025. The exponential growth in retail, hospitality, and various other sectors aligns seamlessly with LIBF Expo 2024's mission to actively engage with businesses possessing valuable products and services, fostering expansion and market reach.”

LIBF Expo 2024 is set to feature a dynamic lineup of events, including a Reverse Buyer Seller Meet, illuminating opportunities for collaboration and trade. The Expo will also include insightful panel discussions on pivotal topics related to Banking and Finance, Real Estate, and Start-ups, offering a platform for experts and visionaries to delve into the latest trends and innovations shaping these industries.

A highlight of LIBF Expo 2024 is the much-anticipated CEO Nite & Honor the Icons event, a culmination of the day's discussions and achievements. This exclusive gathering will witness the presence of renowned actor and philanthropist, Mr. Vivek Oberoi, as the distinguished guest. The CEO night promises to be a celebration of leadership, innovation, and the spirit of entrepreneurship, providing a unique networking opportunity for business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

With a considerable support from Government of Gujarat representative, Mr. Acharya Devvrat, Governor of Gujarat, and A.S Kiran Kumar, Former Chairperson of ISRO, LIBF Expo 2024 is set to be a transformative event. Esteemed companies like Euro Exim Bank, Vinmart, Ravin Group, Dharmadev Infrastructure Ltd., Iscon Group, Madhvani Group, and others are participating in the event. Their involvement underscores the broad industry interest in this unique business and cross-cultural interaction.

Highlighting the achievements of the Expo, Mr. Vijay Karia, Chairman of Lohana Business Development Committee as well as director of LIBF said” In the vibrant landscape of LIBF Expo 2024, various diversified sectors converge under one roof, creating a powerhouse of opportunities for growth and expansion. It is a dynamic ecosystem where businesses from Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Start-ups, Food and Agriculture, and many more come together, opening avenues for transformative partnerships. Noteworthy is the active participation of government bodies, top professionals, and businessmen, collectively supporting and shaping the future of industries. As we witness this convergence, it becomes evident that LIBF Expo 2024 is not only shaping the future of industries but also steering a collective journey towards economic excellence. The immense potential lies in the interconnectedness of diverse sectors, providing fertile ground for innovation and progress on a global scale."

“We are delighted to be a part of The LIBF Expo 2024, which offers tremendous opportunities in cross-border education with an emphasis on multi-culturism. The Expo would further present opportunities for student and academician exchange programs, with institutions and course material crossing national boundaries. Education needs to be more experiential, and the Expo would present the perfect platform for holistic experiential learning” said Mr. Samir Somaiya, Chairman, Godavari Biorefineries and President, Somaiya Vidyavihar.

India, spurred by the visionary concept of 'Amrit Kal' as articulated by the Prime Minister, is steadfastly marching towards securing its place as the world's third-largest economy. This ambitious journey finds resonance in the upcoming LIBF Expo 2024, emblematic of India's economic ascent. Projections indicate that despite challenges such as skill development, infrastructure gaps, rural development, and global uncertainties, the expo is poised to be a catalyst for economic greatness, contributing to an anticipated overall growth rate of 7-8% for India in 2024-2025. It is not merely an event but a proactive response to challenges, addressing critical themes aligned with the nation's developmental agenda. LIBF Expo 2024 emerges as a strategic platform fostering collaboration, innovation, and steering India's narrative in the global economic arena.

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