Maruti Suzuki ‘ROCK N' ROAD 4X4 Masters’ – The action begins!

Maruti Suzuki ‘ROCK N' ROAD 4X4 Masters’ – The action begins!

Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India’s largest carmaker, announced the completion of North zone qualifying leg of the ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ championship. Launched on 27th January in Delhi followed by Chandigarh on 3rd February, the ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ is a thrilling off-roading championship designed exclusively for budding off-roading enthusiasts who are JIMNY owners. This unique event has been introduced with an aim to bring together like-minded adventure enthusiasts, providing a stage for them to test their JIMNY’s capabilities, by conquering challenging terrains while discovering their passion for off-roading, and weave lasting memories.

The recently concluded qualifying leg in the North saw overwhelming participation in the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh. On the completion of ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ North zone qualifying leg, Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, "At Maruti Suzuki, we strive to offer top-tier SUVs to our clientele and cultivate a community of avid drivers who crave adventure and discovery. The 'ROCK N' ROAD 4X4 Masters' epitomizes our dedication to innovation, customer involvement, and providing extraordinary experiences. The JIMNY embodies a purpose-driven SUV with a rich heritage of conquering unexplored terrain. Through the 4X4 Masters championship, JIMNY owners will have the opportunity to fully utilize their SUV's capabilities in a competitive setting, showcasing its 4X4 agility and adaptability. Following the exhilarating North zone qualifying stage, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the excitement, expertise, and camaraderie that this pioneering event will generate among our esteemed customers and the broader off-road community in the weeks ahead."

In keeping with the company’s commitment to delivering unforgettable product experiences, the ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ seeks to create a platform for off-roading enthusiasts and experts to showcase their skills, competing against fellow JIMNY owners from across India. The championship is structured in two phases – qualifiers, which are organized across 8 cities, followed by a grand finale to culminate the season in Goa.

The event allows JIMNY owners to participate in two categories – stock vehicles and modified vehicles. The participants in the qualifiers are required to complete 8 challenges, referred to as Special Stages (SS) over two days of the competition. The Special Stages have been designed to test the participants’ off-road driving skills, minimizing penalties while preventing damage to the vehicle, their familiarity with the vehicle and physical abilities undertaking recovery activities such as manual winching to generate awareness about safe practices during off-roading. The Special Stages include ascents, descents, and undulations across varying off-road terrain.

The participants in the ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ championship are judged by an independent panel of supervisors comprising seasoned members from the Indian off-roading community. One winner from each category of the qualifier categories will progress to the grand finale, set to take place in Goa on the 23rd of March, 2024. Along with other prizes, the top two winners of the ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ will stand a chance to experience global off-roading events.

The first leg of the qualifiers for ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ was kicked-off in Delhi on 27th January, with Mr. Manav Arya and Mr. Shantanu Grover emerging as winners in the stock and modified categories, respectively. The Chandigarh qualifiers saw Mr. Gurmeet Virdi and Mr. Mankaran Singh Bhambra as the winners in the stock and modified categories, respectively. The next qualifier round will take place in Shillong, followed by Hyderabad, Vagamon, Bengaluru, and Mumbai & Pune, with the finale slated to happen in Goa.