MG Motor India Partners with Zeon Electric to Expand EV Charging Network

MG Motor India Partners with Zeon Electric to Expand EV Charging Network

MG Motor India, a British automobile brand with a 100-year-old legacy, today signed an MoU with Zeon Electric Private Limited to boost current EV charging infrastructure. By signing-in with their 6th charging point operator (CPO), MG has taken another step towards building more accessible and efficient EV ecosystem in India. It will help address a widespread need in the country for a robust charging infrastructure to support the growing fleet of electric vehicles.

This partnership will be focused on strengthening the EV ecosystem at key locations, covering highways, cities, and MG dealerships in Karnataka, Kerala, AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and more.

MG customers will receive exclusive offers for charging at the Zeon kiosks. Partner charging stations, with seamless integration in the MyMG App, will be discoverable and show on the iSmart infotainment screens. Zeon’s 300+ AC and DC chargers in key locations will be added to MG’s current network of 12,000 chargers so far.

Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, MG Motor India, said “This strategic alliance with Zeon Electric underscores our dedication to sustainable mobility and our commitment to delivering a seamless electric vehicle ownership experience for our customers. Our meaningful industry associations and partnerships, including this substantive collaboration with Zeon, underscores our steadfast focus on building a charging infrastructure that supports the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners, providing them with convenient, efficient, and reliable charging solutions.”

Kartikeyan Palanisamy, Founder of Zeon, said, “This partnership is a testament to our shared vision for a greener and more sustainable future in the electric vehicle space. Together, we are committed to establishing a cutting-edge charging infrastructure that prioritizes convenience and reliability for electric vehicle owners. This collaboration exemplifies our collective dedication to driving positive change in the automotive industry, and we look forward to setting new benchmarks for eco-friendly mobility solutions."

This strategic collaboration is a holistic approach towards advancing electric mobility in the Indian market. By addressing infrastructure challenges, fostering partnerships and embracing technological advancements, the initiative aims to create an environment conducive to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, thereby elevating the overall electric vehicle journey in the country.