MG Motor India Ties-up with Shoonya to support Electric Mobility Ecosystem

MG Motor India Ties-up with Shoonya to support Electric Mobility Ecosystem

MG (Morris Garages), a British automobile brand with a 100-year-old legacy, today announced its strategic partnership with Shoonya — Zero Pollution Mobility campaign led by NITI Aayog, together with notable industry leaders from the electric mobility sector in India. This partnership echoes the larger goal of accelerating the adoption of EVs and contributing towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

MG Motor India will actively engage with the Shoonya campaign to contribute and share its pivotal developments in the electric vehicle domain as part of this tie-up. The partnership underscores MG's commitment to the EV sector, emphasising its long-term vision to facilitate its growth through innovative solutions and synergistic relationships with both the industry and the government.

In alignment with MG's commitment to expanding, enhancing, and fostering collaborations within the EV ecosystem, this alliance with Shoonya signifies a key step toward achieving sustainable, pollution-free mobility in the country. Shoonya, a campaign conceived through collective efforts with industry partners, aspires to achieve 100 per cent electrification within the urban commercial passenger and freight sectors in the near future. The campaign's approach unites a diverse consortium of stakeholders encompassing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ride-hailing companies, charging infrastructure providers, e-commerce platforms, financiers, and fleet aggregators. Around 200 corporate partners support this consumer awareness campaign that works to ensure a radical and urgent shift towards sustainable mobility.

 MG’s EV Commitment

MG Motor India has taken a significant step towards establishing a robust EV Ecosystem in India by introducing a 6-way charging solution to facilitate EV charging. Under its MG Charge initiative, the brand has installed a network of over 15,000 charging points (including home chargers) across India for EV users. The objective is to create a shared charging network on Roads, Highways, Cities, Apartments, Condominiums, RWAs, and Societies for ease of charging for EV owners. The MG’s EV endeavours are supported by various partners, including Tata Power, Glida, and BPCL. The company’s MG Charge program is being run in partnership with Electreefi, Exicom, Echargebays, Ionage, Prestige, and many others, all of whom are collaborating to make the vision of an efficient and accessible EV ecosystem a reality.