Modicare becomes 100% ‘Plastic Waste Neutral’

The company has collected 1000 metric tonnes of plastic waste across 35 Indian cities

Modicare Limited, one of India’s leading direct-selling companies, has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming 100% 'Plastic Waste Neutral.' Through its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, Modicare has successfully collected & recycled 100% post-consumer plastic waste and recycled 100% pre-consumer plastic packaging waste in FY 22-23 as per its Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mandate. This significant milestone exemplifies Modicare's commitment to combat plastic pollution and create a greener future.

As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste and preserve the environment, Modicare has collected approximately 1000 metric tonnes of plastic waste across 35 cities in India. The collected waste includes bottles, tubes, caps, sachets and jars, exemplifying the company's dedication to responsible waste management.

Reports indicate that urban India generates almost 62 million metric tonnes of solid waste each year, with 3.4 million metric tonnes being plastic waste. Modicare has taken proactive steps to address this issue by collaborating with government-registered recycling partners and implementing door-to-door collection facilities, effective segregation and channelisation of segregated plastic waste to authorised recycler. By processing various types of plastic waste, including rigid, flexible and multi-layered plastic (MLP), Modicare transforms them into reusable consumer products. In FY 21-22, the company reused 344.31 metric tonnes of rigid plastic, utilised 43.87 metric tonnes of flexible plastic for energy generation and recycled 41.90 metric tonnes of MLP, demonstrating its comprehensive approach to plastic recycling across diverse packaging materials.

Mr. Samir K Modi, Founder & Managing Director, Modicare Limited said, "Ever since inception, we at Modicare have been deeply invested in adopting eco-conscious and sustainability-driven approach in whatever we do. Our dedication to minimising our environmental impact goes beyond mere compliance; it is ingrained in the very fabric of our ethos. We are immensely proud to announce that we have achieved a significant milestone by becoming 100% 'plastic waste neutral.' This accomplishment exemplifies our commitment to the planet. However, our efforts don't stop at recycling. We are actively exploring the potential of recycled plastic for energy generation and other reusable activities, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Through these actions, we reinforce our overarching vision of creating a safer and cleaner environment for a better tomorrow. We are committed and invested to become more sustainable each day."

Over the years, Modicare has undertaken efforts to address its environmental impact and promote long-term sustainable growth. By achieving the milestone of becoming 100% 'plastic waste neutral,' Modicare demonstrates its dedication to responsible waste management. As Modicare Limited continues its journey, it remains committed to driving positive change towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.