Modicare launches the all-new Hemp Lab range, a holistic skincare solution for repair & balance

Modicare launches the all-new Hemp Lab range, a holistic skincare solution for repair & balance

Modicare Limited, one of India’s leading direct-selling companies, is thrilled to introduce the all-new Modicare Hemp Lab range, a curated skincare line that promises to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, day and night. Backed by 3 years of intensive research, this innovative range is enriched with natural actives sourced from Europe, making it the one-stop solution for a complete skincare regime.

In an ever-evolving landscape of skincare innovations, hemp has emerged as the game-changer. This versatile and powerful ingredient has quickly become the Holy Grail for those seeking transformative results in their beauty regimen. The Modicare Hemp Lab range comprises of a meticulously designed five-step regime - Repair & Balancing Foaming Face Wash, Repair & Balancing Face Scrub, Repair and Balancing Milk Serum, Repair & Balancing Face Oil, and Repair and Balancing Face Moisturiser. 

At the core of Modicare Hemp Lab Range is the power duo of Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin C, working harmoniously to repair and balance your skin. This unique formulation unlocks the potential for firmer, younger-looking skin, all while enhancing the skin's natural radiance. Free from parabens and sulphates, the Modicare Hemp Lab range is 100% vegan, dermatologically tested, gender-neutral, and cruelty-free. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for year-round use, this exceptional formulation provides a lightweight and gentle experience, going beyond simple cleansing to offer nourishment and intense moisturisation for a naturally radiant skin complexion. 

Commenting on the launch, Samir K Modi, Founder and Managing Director, Modicare Limited, expressed, "At Modicare, it’s always been our endeavour to bring innovative world class products. Our latest skincare launch – Modicare Hemp Lab is backed by 3 years of intensive research. Hemp Seed Oil is a powerful ingredient that has taken the skincare industry by storm, especially in the clean and conscious beauty space. Modicare Hemp Lab, with natural actives from Europe, is a powerful formulation. It’s a combination of cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin C that repairs, rejuvenates and balances the skin. With the launch of this 100% vegan, dermatologically tested, gender-neutral, and cruelty-free range, we intend to elevate the skincare experience for our customers. As the demands of our consumers for effective and responsible skincare continue to grow, we recognise the need for such products that not only meet their expectations but also set new standards in the industry.”

Modicare’s Hemp Lab Range offers five specifically curated products, each harnessing the powerful duo of Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin C.

●        Repair & Balancing Foaming Face Wash: A gentle foaming face wash, available at an MRP Rs. 900/- (150ml), comes with a built-in brush designed to effectively clear away excess oil and impurities from your skin. It delivers deep hydration while enhancing your skin's natural defense mechanisms. Infused with Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Oil-soluble Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Pentavitin, Aloe Vera and mulberry it keeps the skin hydrated, and leaves it looking healthy and refreshed. What's more, it contains Pentavitin®, a 100% natural plant-derived active that acts like a magnet, binding to your skin and providing a moisture boost for soft, supple skin.

●        Repair & Balancing Face Scrub: A gentle yet highly efficient exfoliator priced at MRP Rs. 950/- (50g), this exceptional product is designed to eliminate dead skin and rid your skin of unwanted impurities. Infused with Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Oil-soluble Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Mulberry, this scrub leaves the skin refreshed and revitalised. It not only fights the signs of aging but also promotes a healthy, youthful complexion. It helps with soft, nourished, and moisturized skin, giving you a refreshed and radiant appearance.

●        Repair and Balancing Milk SerumA lightweight Milky Face Serum, enriched with Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin C, is your key to skin repair and rejuvenation.  The serum is specially crafted for quick absorption with the presence of biomimetic peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis, leading to firmer and more youthful-looking skin.  Priced at MRP of Rs. 1050/- (20ml), this powerful serum also features a blend of natural extracts, including Olive Leaf, Aloe Vera, Mulberry, and Orange Peel extract, which provides deep moisturization to the skin. 

●        Repair & Balancing Face Oil:  An exceptionally lightweight and fast-absorbing solution that boosts skin recovery, making it an ideal choice for night-time use. Enriched with Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Oil-soluble Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Oil-soluble Retinol, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Almond Oil, this face oil provides deep hydration and rejuvenation for a radiant and natural glow that lasts throughout the day. Priced at MRP Rs. 1100/- (20ml), this face oil offers a complete solution to enhance your skin's health and maintain its natural radiance 

●        Repair and Balancing Face Moisturiser: A versatile, smooth, and lightweight cream designed to effortlessly blend into your skin, ensuring even application. Enriched with a powerful combination of ingredients, including Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E it forms a potent formula that combats the signs of aging and promotes skin rejuvenation. Priced at MRP Rs. 1250/- (50g), the moisturiser is crafted with Olive Leaf, Pentavitin, Rice, Papaya, and Green Tea Extracts, which deeply hydrates, enhances collagen production, and helps your skin maintain a healthy, radiant appearance.