MOU signed to develop Green, Self-Sustainable Ports in India

MOU signed to develop Green, Self-Sustainable Ports in India
Mr Kuldeep Gupta, President (Strategic Partnership), C4V with Rizwan Ali, Managing Director, Trot Solutions

MOU signed between US-based company C4V and UAE-based company Trot Solutions to develop/convert green, self-sustainable Ports in India. Trot Solutions, which has already established a strong presence in the Indian port market, is collaborating with C4V and its advanced technology to create renewable plus storage solutions at ports to meet port demands, especially during peak hours. C4V is working on several large projects in the BESS, e-mobility, and others by setting up a cell manufacturing Gigafactory in India based on C4V technology.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between C4V and Trot Solutions aims to foster innovation, and R&D on high-end technologies in the field of green energy as it relates to sustainable ports, marking the beginning of a new era for India's maritime sector. Through this MOU, both parties have pledged to support power generation from renewables plus batteries to all port equipment including electrification of small vessels. The roadmap also includes the conversion of l existing ports into Green self-sustainable ports by 2030.

Under the MOU, C4V and Trot Solutions will jointly develop, and enable a strong supply chain via its Gigafactories and implement innovative and sustainable energy storage solutions for ports across India. The collaboration will focus on incorporating C4V's advanced battery technologies solutions into Trot Solutions' port infrastructure, enabling efficient energy management, reduced emissions, and enhanced environmental sustainability. The initiative aligns perfectly with the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways' (Harit Sagar) vision of transforming Indian ports into eco-friendly and energy-efficient hubs.

Mr. Kuldeep Gupta, President (Strategic Partnership) at C4V, shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, "India is a key market for C4V enjoying a coastline of 7500KM where many of Seaports still need to be developed and more power will be required which could be delivered via Green Energy+ Energy Storage solutions. He further said C4V is the only company in India setting up a Gigafactory based on its own technology and the only company globally enabling cell manufacturing from Molecule to Grid. C4V has successfully deployed its technology in Energy Storage, E-mobility and is now excited to help develop Green & self-sustainable ports in India with Trot Solutions. Our advanced battery solutions will enable ports to reduce their carbon footprint and play an important role in achieving the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister of Green India by 2030.