Orxa Energies and Nunam Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Battery Lifecycle Management

Orxa Energies and Nunam Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Battery Lifecycle Management
Darshan Virupaksha_Prodip Chatterjee, founders - Nunam with their product stack

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable electric mobility,  Orxa Energies, an electric vehicle (EV) and energy systems startup, today announced a strategic partnership with Nunam Technologies, a startup specializing in the reuse of EV batteries in Bangalore. This collaboration marks a significant step towards establishing a closed-loop circular ecosystem for batteries, emphasizing the commitment of both companies to minimize waste and maximize environmental impact. 

This association aims to create a circular value chain for Orxa’s batteries. The company’s founders seek to leverage every opportunity to maximize the environmental benefits of its battery packs and partnering with Nunam Technologies is a strategic step toward achieving this goal. Nunam Technologies will play a pivotal role in extending the life of Orxa’s flagship electric motorcycle Mantis batteries, offering a second life in the form of renewable energy storage systems. The impact extends to the more affordable batteries for solar adoption with minimal carbon footprint and also lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Mantis. Both companies are actively developing a battery buyback mechanism for Orxa’s B2B customers as well as Mantis riders, fostering an engagement emphasizing sustainable practices.

“This partnership with Nunam Technologies aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability. With Orxa Energies all set to launch our flagship product, the electric motorcycle Mantis; this partnership also helps assure our community of the impact that they will be a part of driving,” said Ranjita Ravi, Co-Founder, Orxa Energies. “It also complements our work in battery technology, drone technology for B2B applications, and aerospace and defense sectors. As we move forward, we foresee a future where our products contribute to a cleaner and greener environment,” she added. 

Nunam Technologies emphasized its dedication to sustainable and climate-friendly technologies. Recognizing the pivotal role of such technologies in shaping our future, Nunam believes in building a bridge between mobility and clean energy by facilitating a second life for EV batteries. They are inspired by the passion of the creators of Mantis and look forward to working closely with Orxa Energies aiming to establish a genuinely green ecosystem.

Darshan Virupaksha, Co-founder of Nunam Technologies said, "Evolving a circular value chain for batteries in the EV ecosystem is a key aspect of our society’s transition towards electric mobility. Our team has been relentlessly finding means to maximize the life of such EV batteries.  Mantis’s high-quality battery creates an opportunity for second life and thereby potential to reduce CO2 footprint by 40%  This initiative will contribute to the larger interests of clean energy requirements in India, with a focus on enabling clean energy for applications such as off-grid energy storage, micro-grids, and solar-powered machines for agriculture and cottage industries."

Over the next 2-3 months, the Nunam team will collaborate closely with Orxa Energies' engineering team to identify means of maximizing reuse possibilities and minimizing reuse costs. This effort aims to ensure the highest buyback value for Mantis batteries. Subsequently, a customer-oriented plan for buyback programs will be developed for the Mantis community. As a result, we expect more affordable financing schemes for Mantis in the future 

As Orxa Energies and Nunam Technologies join forces, they set a precedent for sustainable practices within the electric mobility industry, reinforcing their commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.