Pre Budget Expectation from Mr. Bharat Gite, Managing Director and CEO of Taural India

Pre Budget Expectation from Mr. Bharat Gite, Managing Director and CEO of Taural India
Bharat Gite, Founder & CEO of Taural India

Pre-budget expectation with a perspective of the manufacturing sector by Bharat Gite, Founder & CEO of Taural India:

"As MD and CEO of Taural India, I am closely monitoring the upcoming budget with specific expectations. I foresee a strategic allocation towards sustainability and renewable energy, aligning with global environmental priorities.

The Indian Railways are also on the brink of transformation. With an aim to decongest the current network and make it future-ready, I expect the budget to support this shift through an increased budgetary allocation of 20-25% over the previous year. This increased allocation is expected to trickle down and positively impact all raw materials, service suppliers, and partners in this vital sector.

Furthermore, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing India’s bid for the 2036 Olympics, I anticipate a substantial focus on capital expenditure and infrastructure development. This move will bolster our Olympic bid and enhance our nation's overall infrastructure capabilities. 

I also hope for streamlined regulations and incentives for research and innovation that foster ease of doing business and create a more growth-oriented environment. They are crucial for industries like ours to thrive and maintain a competitive edge in the global market. Additionally, extending the concessional 15 percent income tax rate for new manufacturing units would be a significant move to encourage private investments.

Overall, I am optimistic that the government's initiatives will robustly impact the manufacturing sector and escalate capital expenditure, positively steering India's economic growth trajectory."