Pre Budget anticipation from Lexus India

Mr. Tanmay Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President, Lexus India:

“Despite global volatility, India's economy has thrived, securing its position as the fifth largest and fastest-growing economy in the world. Various Government initiatives with a focus on infrastructure have drawn substantial investments, fostering growth and thereby paving the way for the emergence of more HNIs, especially younger, making it an exciting time for the luxury market in India. 

The luxury automotive industry has also grown substantially in CY 2023, primarily riding on the change in consumer outlook owing to increase in disposable income. The consumer is most definitely reflecting a post pandemic phenomenon, the YOLO (you only live once) effect.  The well-travelled consumers, with a propensity to spend is levitating towards sustainable luxury. In fact, this growth is not just noticed in Tier I markets but in Tier II markets as well.

As the industry progresses, Lexus stands at the forefront in pioneering a comprehensive shift towards sustainability. Our commitment of an electrified drive experience is echoed through the diverse range of electrified vehicles, with the Lexus ES 300h leading the charge. The ES 300h not only exemplifies Lexus’s dedication to eco-conscious mobility but also proudly embodies the 'Make in India' initiative, symbolizing our contribution to local manufacturing and sustainable practices. “

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