Premium Tyre Manufacturer Reise Moto joins forces with Indian National Rally Sprint Championship as the Title Sponsor

Premium Tyre Manufacturer Reise Moto joins forces with Indian National Rally Sprint Championship as the Title Sponsor

The INRSC 2023 event calendar kicks off in July 2023, with the final round scheduled in Goa in December 2023

Premium Indian two-wheeler tyre manufacturer, Reise Moto, which offers an extensive and diverse portfolio of tyres, catering to the distinct needs of motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts, has announced that it has bagged the title sponsorship rights of the highly anticipated FMSCI-accredited Indian National Rally Sprint Championship.

A recent entrant in the Indian two-wheeler market, Reise Moto has been proudly carrying the Make-in-India baton with its greenfield state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread over 27+ acres built as per European Standards, where the same men and machines that makes Mitas tyres for Europe and North America markets also makes Reise tyres for domestic market in India. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of tyres with their 6 sub-brands - trailR, tourR, traceR, troopR, tripR, and twistR, Reise is committed to delivering purpose-specific performance in both high-end performance and commuter segments of the two-wheeler industry.

Each sub-brand is meticulously crafted to optimize performance for its intended use. For off-road enthusiasts, the trailR series offers unparalleled capabilities to conquer any terrain, while the tourR series is designed for adventurous souls seeking long-distance journeys. The traceR series provides racetrack-inspired grippy tyres for those who crave the thrill of sharp cornering, and the troopR series caters to the needs of the commuter segment in motorcycles category. And in the scooters category, the tripR series pioneers touring tyres for covering longer distances, and the twistR series excels in manoeuvrability for quick spins within the city limits. The company has a tyre for every rider every bike and every terrain. This has been possible by virtue of their JV with Mitas, a 100+ year old brand that has the widest range of premium tyres catering to a highly evolved market with purpose-built tyres for purpose-built motorcycles for the very demanding customers and Mitas enjoys a strong pedigree of making Dakar winning tyre tread geometry.

Sumit Garg, VP and Business Head of Reise Moto, emphasized the brand's understanding of the Indian rider: "As a new player in the two-wheeler tyre market, Reise Moto has successfully connected with the pulse of Indian riders. Our range, designed for adventure riders, highway tourers, racers, roadsters and city commuters alike, has garnered the trust of our customers, prompting us to accelerate our brand expansion plans and expand our network. Through our motorsport association, we aim to reach a wider customer base and welcome them into the Reise Moto family."

Anish Thakkar, Head of Marketing at Reise Moto, highlighted the brand's purpose and focus on meeting the diverse needs of Indian riders: "Reise is an aspirational lifestyle brand that is a confluence of legacy and experience building highly specialized products with the passion for rider intimacy. Reise offers a wide range of purpose-specific tyres for the bespoke and specialized needs of all aspirational bikers, moto enthusiasts and commuters alike. In our partnership with INRSC, we have made a conscious decision to allow participants to use their preferred choice of tyres, rather than mandating options from our portfolio. We believe such collaborations and initiatives promote fair sportsmanship, foster camaraderie, and create a level playing field for racing enthusiasts across the country."

Reise Moto's sponsorship of the FMSCI-accredited Indian National Rally Sprint Championship 2023 solidifies its commitment to providing exceptional tyre solutions and supporting the growth of motorsports in India. With their high-performance products and dedication to customer satisfaction, Reise Moto is poised to make a lasting impact in the Indian premium two-wheeler tyre market.

The 2023 Indian National Rally Sprint Championship will feature multiple stages on a challenging 12km track. Each round will present modified stage configurations, including a series of complex bends and jumps, ensuring an exhilarating experience for both participants and spectators. The thrilling racing series for this year is set to kick off on July 2nd in Bangalore, followed by races in Chandigarh on August 6th, Kolkata on September 3rd, and Baroda on October 8th, 2023. The final round of this season will take place in Goa in December 2023.