Samsung Announces ‘Upgrade to Awesome’ Loyalty Program for 2023 Galaxy A Series

Samsung Announces ‘Upgrade to Awesome’ Loyalty Program for 2023 Galaxy A Series

Samsung announced the “Upgrade to Awesome” loyalty program for customers looking to upgrade to the latest Galaxy A series and join the 5G revolution in India. Under this program, customers upgrading from their pre-2020 Galaxy devices (A Series, On Series and J Series) to the latest Galaxy A series 5G smartphones will get a special offer of Samsung Care+ Screen protection pack at no cost. This offer will be available in addition to the exciting festive cashback and affordability offers on Galaxy A Series Smartphones.

The “Upgrade to Awesome” campaign incentivizes loyal Samsung customers to upgrade and reiterates Samsung’s philosophy of democratizing 5G and making awesome technology accessible to larger audience. The loyalty offer will be valid on the purchase of all the 5G supported Galaxy A series smartphones: Galaxy A54G, Galaxy A34 5G, Galaxy A23 5G and Galaxy A14 5G. 

 Samsung’s Galaxy A series is known for its premium experience and signature Galaxy design. Galaxy A smartphones are built to last and offer a massive battery life and come with enhanced entertainment features, making them a top choice for consumers. With the exciting festive offers, Galaxy A14 5G, Galaxy A23 5G, Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 5G are available at effective price of INR 44/day, INR 47/day, INR 49/day, and INR 63/day respectively.

How to redeem ‘Upgrade to Awesome’ Loyalty Offer

Customers can redeem the offer through the My Galaxy App by logging into the App with their old device. Eligible customers, using old Galaxy smartphones, will see the banner mentioning offer benefits on the app.

Upon generating a unique code on the old device, the customer needs to log into the My Galaxy App of their new purchased device.

In the app, only eligible users get to see the banner. On clicking the banner, My Galaxy App performs validation of the customer's phone number, which they used to log in with, and the IMEI of the device through which the app is being accessed.

After successful validation, My Galaxy App's coupon generation mechanism shares the coupon code with both Samsung Care+ and the policy gets activated within 48 hours.