Samsung’s Expanded Wearables Portfolio

Samsung’s Expanded Wearables Portfolio

Unlocks Intelligent Health Experiences for All

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the new Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, expanding the power of Galaxy AI to more people through wearables designed to provide end-to-end wellness experiences for everyone.   

These additions to the wearables portfolio are central to Samsung’s vision for Galaxy AI to enhance digital health, delivering personalized insights and tailored health experiences that enable a more comprehensive understanding of yourself through a holistic approach to everyday wellness. Obtaining accurate, detailed, and advanced information on personal health is a key factor in this process.

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Samsung’s accumulated sensor innovations on Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra are helping bring its vision to life. Galaxy Ring delivers a straightforward approach to wellness, offering health monitoring, tracking, and personalized insights while worn comfortably on a finger, even while asleep. Galaxy Watch7 maximizes everyday wellness with personalized workouts with intelligent and preventative health monitoring capabilities. Galaxy Watch Ultra – the newest addition to the Galaxy Watch lineup – is Samsung’s most capable smartwatch yet, designed for next-level achievements.

“The latest additions to our wearables portfolio integrate Samsung’s most advanced technologies and innovations, enabling you to take control of your health and wellness with preventative healthcare solutions,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “The intelligence, guidance and insights that are offered with Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will help users turn data into meaningful insights and create a whole new era of expanded intelligent health experiences.” 

Galaxy Ring offers a simple approach to everyday wellness, featuring Samsung’s proven sensor technology in the smallest unobtrusive form, and provides insights. Designed for 24/7 health monitoring, the Galaxy Ring is lightweight, weighing from 2.3 grams to 3.0 grams, ensuring comfort during extended wear.

Galaxy Watch7 motivates you to create healthier days with more ways to support everyday wellness. It can accurately track over 100 workouts and build routines by combining various exercises with Workout Routine to achieve your goals. With Race, compare current and past performance in real-time to track progress and maintain motivation. Receive a complete body and fitness snapshot with Body Composition for a comprehensive understanding of your body. In addition to the new advanced AI algorithm for sleep analysis, Galaxy Watch7 offers the De Novo FDA-authorized Sleep Apnea feature, providing a simple, proactive tool to check potential signs of sleep apnea. Receive real-time readings and alerts for abnormally high or low heart rates with Heart Rate monitoring, detect irregular heart rhythms suggestive of atrial fibrillation (AFib) with IHRN (Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification), and get a deeper understanding of your heart health with Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Blood Pressure (BP) monitoring

Building on the foundation of Galaxy Watch7’s advanced health monitoring features and powerful hardware, Galaxy Watch Ultra - the newest and most powerful addition to the Galaxy Watch portfolio – further unlocks enhanced fitness experiences for next level achievements with ultimate intelligence and capabilities. Echoing Galaxy Watch’s circle design legacy, a new cushion design enhances protection and visual completeness, while a Dynamic Lug System for enhanced comfort empowers you to be the best version of yourself anywhere, anytime. 

Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available for pre-order in select markets starting July 10, with general availability starting July 24.