Sanosan achieves 100 per cent growth in India

Sanosan achieves 100 per cent growth in India

Sanosan, the premium 'Made in Germany' baby skincare brand, celebrated its two-year journey in the Indian market, marking a significant milestone in its growth and success. The momentous occasion was commemorated with a grand press conference in Mumbai, where esteemed guests and media representatives gathered to honour the brand's outstanding achievements.

This celebration was organized by Glowderma, the marketers of the German brand Sanosan baby in India, and the event was made even more special by the auspicious presence of Ms. Christine Steger, MD (Owner) & Mr Hannes Schroder, Head of Marketing & Sales (Owner), Mann & Schroder Cosmetics- Germany, and their team, the producers of Sanosan baby care brand, who visited India exclusively for this celebration.

The power-packed event highlighted Sanosan's exceptional dominance in the premium baby skincare segment in India. Launched in the country by Glowderma, a leading skincare company, Sanosan has successfully captured a substantial share of the market, earning the trust and admiration of Indian parents. The brand's commitment to providing the best for babies through natural-ingredient-based products has been the key to its resounding success.

Mr. Rajesh Khatri, Managing Director of Glowderma, warmly welcomed Ms. Christine Steger, and said under her visionary leadership brand Sanosan became popular in more than 72 countries, further, expressing his enthusiasm for the brand's accomplishments and its rapidly growing popularity in the Indian market. He added, "Sanosan's journey in India has been nothing short of remarkable. The brand Sanosan have achieved the milestone of reaching more than 1 Lakh Indian mothers offering utmost care & safety, that brings ultimate satisfaction to them. Sanosan baby has become one of the leading brands in premium baby skincare segment, continuously gaining immense popularity and trust among Indian parents. In the last two years since entry in the premium baby care segment, Sanosan has been growing at a rate of 100 percent year-on-year as compared to industry growing at a CAGR of 30 percent. We plan to double sales for the next 3 years through effective promotion with paediatrics and dermatologists.”

Sanosan Baby has emerged as a prominent player in the premium baby skincare segment in India, captivating the hearts of Indian mothers with its natural-ingredient-based products and commitment to quality. Sanosan embarked on its journey in Indian metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad initially, and now its products are readily available nationwide. Sanosan products can be conveniently purchased through its dedicated e-commerce website,, as well as on leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. Sanosan has consistently secured a strong presence in major markets across Western India, South India, the Eastern region, and even in North India, covering tier-I and tier-II cities in every state across the country.

Sanosan Baby has emerged as a prominent player in the premium baby skincare segment in India, captivating the hearts of Indian mothers with its natural-ingredient-based products and commitment to quality.

Sharing her enthusiasm about Sanosan's amazing success in India, Ms. Christine Steger, MD (Owner) of Mann & Schroder Cosmetics said, "We are excited to witness the remarkable growth and acceptance of Sanosan Baby in the Indian market. Our brand's commitment to providing the best for babies is unwavering, and we are dedicated to creating products that cater to the unique needs of parents and their little ones. Sanosan products are crafted with the finest natural ingredients, and we take pride in delivering quality and care to families across the globe. With the immense potential and growth in India we could look at setting up base in India with our partner."

The well-attended event was followed by an enlightening influencers' meet that witnessed a mix of ideas, knowledge, and opportunities, bringing together influencers to share their experiences. The line-up included keynote sessions from preeminent social media influencers who successfully leveraged the occasion for a wide-reaching impact. The event also featured an insightful session on Sanosan's journey of success.

To further expand its presence and engage with consumers, Sanosan has been actively utilising social media platforms to raise awareness among mothers about the benefits of using its natural-ingredients-based baby care products. Special events are organised on occasions such as Mother's Day and Children's Day to encourage parents to make well-informed choices for their babies' skincare needs. The brand has also undertaken initiatives to provide baby care education by organising camps at leading paediatric clinics across India and launching the informative baby care guide “Sanosan Times.”

Mr. Rajendra Mehta, Director of Sales & Marketing, Glowderma, said, "We take pride that in such a short span of time, Sanosan Baby has showcased its momentous growth in the Indian market. We have been receiving extremely positive feedback. Sanosan products have surpassed the expectations of Indian mothers and are recommended by top doctors in the country. We are aggressively expanding the Sanosan brand to capture a decisive share of the premium baby skincare segment in India."

Sanosan Baby products truly stand out due to their exclusive portfolio of natural-ingredient-based offerings. Meticulously developed with delicate baby skin in mind, each product harnesses the best of nature's gifts. The exceptional quality of Sanosan Baby products is further bolstered by the use of organic Olive Oil and Milk Proteins, renowned for their protective and soothing properties, ensuring optimal care and nourishment for precious little ones.

The highly sought-after range of Sanosan Baby products includes the beloved Sanosan Baby Skin Care that is soothing Gentle Cleansing Baby Bath and Shampoo, the nourishing Moisturizing Baby Care Lotion, Care oil and the specially formulated Sanosan Baby Care Cream. These products are specially formulated to cater to the specific requirements of delicate baby skin, providing tender care and meeting their unique needs.

With a well-furbished setup of 850+ dealers and distributors pan-India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh, Sanosan has achieved a speedy launch and penetration of its product line across the country. The company is committed to ensuring that its premium baby skincare products are accessible to all.

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