Shell Lubricants launches 'Sapne Honge Apne' initiative to empower India’s mechanic community

Shell Lubricants launches 'Sapne Honge Apne' initiative to empower India’s mechanic community
Felicitation of the winning mechanic Nitin Sood from Dharamshala by Praveen Nagpal, Chief Technology Officer, Shell Lubricants India

Shell, the world leader in finished lubricants, today announced ‘Sapne Honge Apne', a purpose-led initiative for the mechanic community that seeks to support their dreams and aspirations by being a partner in their journey. The initiative is backed by a recent internal survey conducted by Shell Lubricants India which revealed that most mechanics are driven by emotional attributes such as Amdani (workshop upgrade); Parivaar (education of children and needs of family); Pehchaan (recognition); and Hunar (self-upskilling) while associating with a brand. They look at brands to support them meaningfully in these areas.

Aiming to reach more than 80,000 mechanics enrolled with the Shell SHARE app, Sapne Honge Apne will support the community in India by financially empowering mechanics to achieve their dreams and strengthen their future.

Amit Ghugre, Automotive Sales and Marketing Manager, Shell Lubricants India, said, “At Shell, we have supported and empowered India’s mechanic community in multiple ways over the years. They have been a trusted partner for Shell bringing their deep experience, irreplaceable knowledge, and strong work ethic to make every journey a success. ‘Sapne Honge Apne’ is a token of our appreciation for their efforts, and we hope this will allow them and their families to dream boldly.”

Shell Lubricants India announced the first winner of ‘Sapne Honge Apne’ initiative, Nitin Sood from Dharamshala, “I have been associated with Shell Lubricants India for the past 6-7 years and was encouraged by the team to participate. I dream of increasing my income, growing my customer base, and expanding my shop. It is my father's dream that I take my shop to great heights and make a name for myself and my family,” Nitin said.

The initiative adds to Shell Lubricants India’s existing trade community initiatives that have enhanced opportunities for mechanics by upskilling them or upgrading their workshops and adding value to their lives.

To participate in the campaign, mechanics have to log on to the Shell Share Android app, carry out a minimum of five scans a week, and respond to the ‘Sapne Honge Apne’ survey. Winners will be selected via a randomizer and announced every Monday at 11 AM during livestream on the app.