Škoda Auto India implements New Corporate Identity as part of its New Era

Škoda Auto India implements New Corporate Identity as part of its New Era

While Škoda Auto India has announced its all-new compact SUV and has a string of product actions in its pipeline, the company continues focussing on strengthening its network and customers as part of its New Era in India. After enhancing its digitalisation strategy, the brand has now announced the implementation of its New Corporate Identity in its physical assets like dealerships, service centres and other customer touchpoints.

Speaking on the announcement, Petr Janeba, Brand Director, Škoda Auto India, said: “Together with making world-class cars, our efforts have always focused on offering a wholesome, all-encompassing and enriching experience to our customers, our families and our fans. Digitalisation is of course, one of the many ways we reach out to customers. Just as crucial is our consistency with our messaging, our design language, our identity and the face we present to our customers and all other stakeholders. We have been steadily and consciously implementing our brand’s New Corporate Identity in our communications and our marketing across 2023. Now, we are ready to take it to the next phase, which will include our dealerships and various customer touchpoints.”

Škoda Auto India’s new styling and typeface uses entirely new typography based on symmetry to convey solidity in combination with round shapes and borders conveying fluidity. The New Corporate Identity is a further extension of the Modern Solid dictum dictating the brand’s designs and aesthetics since 2022. Moreover, Škoda Auto’s iconic Winged Arrow imagery will make way for the Škoda wordmark ensuring a unison in communication and imagery across all of the company’s customer touchpoints.

The New Corporate Identity also allows signages in dealership premises the freedom to use the time of the day or night to alter the tone of illumination. The symmetrical and solid lettering lights up sedate Emerald Green in the day and vibrant Electric Green by night maintaining variety yet uniformity with the Škoda signature colours. This aesthetic extends into other finer details of the customer interface complex like the pylon, the dealer branding, the entrance portal and certain highlight walls within.

These changes are in line with a series of non-product evolutions and engagements undertaken by Škoda Auto India in its endeavour to enhance its reach and get closer to customers. Following the brand’s entry into the New Era with the announcement of its all-new compact SUV to make its world debut in India in H1 2025, Škoda Auto India also implemented a spate of digitalised strategies that led to a revolution in terms of customer engagement.

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