Staqu Technologies celebrates Technology Day

Encouraging Indian Youth to lead the Technological Revolution

Mumbai / Gurugram, May 11th, 2023 - On the occasion of Technology Day, Staqu Technologies, express their profound admiration for the incredible potential of the Indian youth to emerge as frontrunners in the technology industry. Recognizing the significance of this day, Staqu Technologies emphasizes the need to inspire and motivate young minds to harness the power of emerging technologies for innovation and progress. The company’s vision is to establish India as a global hub for AI research and development by nurturing a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.

Mr Atul Rai, CEO & Co-Founder of Staqu Technologies, emphasises the enormous potential of the Indian youth to become leaders in the technology industry on the occasion of Technology Day. “I believe that in order to make India a centre for AI research, the industry must inspire and motivate young people to use emerging technologies for innovation and advancement. We can raise a generation of businesspeople and leaders who will influence the course of the world by encouraging a culture of creativity and problem-solving.”

JARVIS fueled with Artificial Intelligence, patented technologies, and unique capabilities, is an audio-video analytics and management technology platform that offers innovation for security and the best possible solution for business.

As a Gurgaon-based Artificial Intelligence start-up, Staqu strives to utilize technology in solving real-world problems. Founded in 2015, the company provides state-of-the-art image recognition, language-independent proprietary speaker identification, and text processing, including sentiment analysis, text classification, and summarization. Staqu was handpicked by the British High Commission as the Best AI Start-up in the country. Furthermore, triumphing at IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program, Staqu has successfully raised investment from Indian Angel Network.