Tata Passenger Electric Mobility introduces new brand identity

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility introduces new brand identity

As the EV offering grows, spurred on by surging consumer demand and a robust, thriving product lineup, customers expect a unique experience across all touchpoints, from the brand to the product and its ownership cycle. TATA.ev identified a clear need for a new consumer-facing brand identity that strengthens commitment to the future of mobility.


The word “move” captures how the company is in the business of mobility but also acts as a launchpad to think of this new brand identity as a collective human movement towards EVs, and towards a Safer, Smarter, Greener future. The words “with meaning” build on the intent – they power up what TATA.ev stands for with a clear focus on responsibility, collective action, and future readiness.

Step into a new era of electric

Commenting on the new brand identity, Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “We are entering a new era with TATA.ev. Our new brand identity for electric vehicles underlines our commitment to accelerate the adoption of clean energy mobility solutions. We intend to drive positive change in the automotive industry with the focus on sustainability, community, and technology. Both the products and services are intended to create highly differentiated and meaningful consumer experiences. The brand personality is humane, honest, invigorating, and conversational – a rallying point for those curious about having a better impact on the world.”

Key highlights of TATA.ev’s brand identity

The brand identity of TATA.ev, developed with Landor & Fitch, reflects the brand platform 'Move with Meaning' with sustainability at its core. All design decisions are purposeful and deliberate in the same spirit as the brand strategy. The visual design embodies Move with Meaning and is accessible, open, and environmentally friendly.

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