Tata Power's initiative featured in the World Economic Forum’s report

TP Renewable Microgrid (TPRMG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power- one of India's largest integrated power companies, is proud to announce that its innovative Renewable Microgrid initiative has been featured in the World Economic Forum’s report on "Using a People-Positive Approach to Accelerate the Scale-up of Clean Power: A C-Suite Guide for Community Engagement." This report was released at the recently concluded 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

The report emphasizes the significance of a people-positive approach as a pivotal factor in accelerating the transition to clean power while delivering broader social, economic, and environmental value while also highlighting the necessity of involving communities in the shift towards sustainable energy to ensure that the transition benefits all stakeholders.

The inclusion of the TP Renewable Microgrid as a case study a in the white paper is a testament to Tata Power's commitment to bringing sustainable development to rural India and its success in leveraging cross-sectoral collaboration. This approach aligns perfectly with the paper's emphasis on partnership with communities, showcasing how industry leaders can work hand in hand with local populations for mutual benefit.

TPRMG has been instrumental in bringing clean electricity to rural India. The initiative has successfully commissioned renewable microgrids in 200 villages in northwest India, impacting around 300,000 lives. Serving a consumer base of about 21,000, these microgrids have saved over 3 million litres of diesel and reduced more than 8,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Dr Praveer Sinha CEO &MD, Tata Power said, "We are privileged to set up Renewable Microgrids for providing clean energy in rural India. We are committed to advancing India's renewable energy initiatives through innovative micro enterprise solutions in rural areas”.

The project's approach is centered around shared value creation, with a strong focus on community engagement. By collaborating with various stakeholders, including social influencers, governments, local communities, and technology innovators, TP Renewable Microgrid has developed solutions that address the specific needs of each community. This collaborative effort has resulted in the seamless installation, operation, and maintenance of projects, while also delivering significant economic, environmental, and social benefits to local communities.

This case study in the World Economic Forum’s white paper is a clear indication of the importance and effectiveness of Tata Power's people-positive approach. It showcases how TP Renewable Microgrid is not only providing clean energy but also creating an ecosystem for socio-economic development in rural India. This initiative aligns with India’s broader goal of transitioning to reliable, sustainable, and community-focused energy solutions, and is an example of how the power sector can provide reliable and clean power to communities that have traditionally relied on fossil-based power.

Through these efforts, Tata Power is not just providing clean energy but also fostering socio-economic development in rural communities.