The immersive experience of DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ charms Bengaluru with an evening of music, mixology and more

The immersive experience of DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ charms Bengaluru with an evening of music, mixology and more

Adventurers of all kinds, from art enthusiasts to music lovers, descended upon the DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ on Sunday for a thrilling evening packed to the brim with novel experiences and featuring some of the most fascinating exhibits and performances. Held at the Bangalore International Center, the DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ left an indelible mark on the city with its spectacular showcase of visual brilliance with its uniquely multisensorial lineup of exhibits and performances. The immersive experience brought the awe-inspiring confluence of performative art with visual design and immersive audio experiences, while having the chance to explore hands-on workshop experiences and even a stand-up comedy set - all thoughtfully crafted to captivate their senses.

Two prominent audio-visual exhibits, ‘SYZYGY’ by Johnny Ganta and ‘OVERTURE’ by Bigfat & Myles, wowed audiences with their riveting experiential displays. The former featured Ganta at his best, incorporating his signature approach to retro-future compositing in distinctive and stunning ways, while the latter featured a 14-minute audiovisual masterpiece built on the brand new collaboration of graphic design with new media arts, leaving spectators captivated by the niche world of technologist art.

The performative side of the evening’s attractions featured the trio of DJ Murthovic, dancer Anahita Chaliha, and singer Gopika Jairam enrapturing attendees with their transformative performance "SUSTAIN" - a contemporary theatrical piece that explored humanity's delicate relationship with the environment. Other stages at the event also welcomed acoustic performances by the new-age musical talents of singer and content creator Aishwarya Suresh Bindra (of The Stage S3 fame), and classical musician Gowri Bhat - who both performed distinctly personal and harmonious acoustic sets.

Engaging the guests on a more literal level was the DEWAR’S Mixology Lab, which offered attendees a hands-on lesson to curate their favorite cocktails on a professional level. Under the tutelage of expert mixologists and DEWAR’S Brand Ambassadors Myles Carroll & James Cordiner, visitors were able to treat their inner cocktail connoisseur and develop an exciting new skill through the interactive workshop.

On a lighter note, the Bengaluru edition of the DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ also welcomed renowned comic and YouTuber Rahul Subramanian. Known for his observational humor and witty takes on the absurdities of everyday life, Rahul lived up to his role as one of the most relatable Indian comics by having the audience in splits throughout his hilarious onstage set.

DEWAR’S Stay Curious HQ, presented by DEWAR’S Xperiences, transported attendees to a world of artistic wonder, sparking different aspects of their curiosity and inviting them to explore and discover new depths within the art and experiences of the evening. The event spanned multiple stages and formats, offering a truly multi-sensory experience that captivated all who attended.