Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s (TKM) 'ABCD Sanitation Program' to Continue Empowering Communities in Rural Karnataka

After the successful implementation of its flagship initiative, the ‘A Behavioural Change Demonstration’ [ABCD] Sanitation Program in Ramanagara District, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today announced that its ABCD sanitation program is planned to be launched in the aspirational district of Raichur, with the primary objective to maximize reach to the marginalized communities and location where it is needed most. In addition to further sustaining the ABCD program in Ramanagara district, a one-year ABCD refresher program is planned to be  introduced covering schools in three phases.

India, being the most populated country in the world, faces a significant need for improved sanitation facilities for its citizens, for which programs like the "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" have been launched by the government. The ABCD Program by TKM was first introduced in 2015 and successfully implemented in 1004 Government schools in Ramanagara District until 2020 covering over 58,000 children. The implementation of the ABCD Program has yielded significant success, particularly in empowering students and fostering a behavioural change towards sanitation. The program also emphasized the importance of hygiene and a deeper understanding of its benefits to health of the individual. These students have now become ambassadors, actively promoting, and ensuring the adoption of hygiene practices in their schools and communities.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vikram Gulati, Country Head & Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Governance, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said“The impact that the ABCD Sanitation Program has had on the community and its effectiveness in empowering students and fostering a mindset change, has been truly inspiring. We are honoured by the widespread recognition and appreciation that this program has received from key stakeholders including the community and the government. Encouraged by this success, we are highly motivated to extend the program further where it is needed the most and create a lasting and positive difference in the lives of people. Through this initiative, we aim to bring about a significant behavioural shift towards better sanitation practices, not just within schools, but also in homes and communities.”

The ABCD Refresher Program in Ramanagara will be aimed towards fostering a behavioural change by motivating students, teachers, and communities to maintain clean and hygienic school washrooms. The program aims to promote sanitation awareness covering  approximately 1350 schools in three phases. In the first phase 250 schools and 15,000 students will be covered and the remaining schools will be covered in the next two phases. In Raichur, the ABCD Program is planned to cover over 1600 schools in four phases. In the first phase it will cover 100 Government schools and approximately 10,000 students focusing on training, enhance sanitation awareness and sustenance and the remaining schools will be covered in the subsequent three phases

TKM remains steadfast in its commitment to corporate social responsibility and community development. The company will work closely with the Education Department, local authorities, and stakeholders to create a sustainable impact and drive positive change in the district.