Valeo celebrates one million ultrasonic sensors production

Valeo celebrates one million ultrasonic sensors production

At Sanand, Gujarat

On May 11th, 2023, Valeo celebrated a milestone production of 1 million ultrasonic sensors at the plant in Sanand, Gujarat.

Valeo is a world leader in automated driver assistance systems (ADAS). The Product Group designs and manufactures Ultrasonic sensors, Radars, Lidars, Satellite- / Smart- Cameras and Compute Units that are used in conjunction with apps to detect obstacles around vehicles, making driving and parking more enjoyable and above all, safer.

The production of parking sensors at Sanand location, Ahmedabad, started in November 2021. Rear parking sensor for cars is a parking assistance product featuring 4 flush mount ultrasonic sensors that are fitted on the bumper of the vehicle, with one loud speaker to alert the driver to obstacles.

During the celebration, Jayakumar G, Valeo India President & Managing Director, explained “We started the sensor production for the Rear Parking Assist Solution (RPAS) in India in 2021, and now we are increasing our localisation in Sanand, India. This is an important milestone in our journey towards providing safer mobility solutions and I want to thank all our teams for their commitment to meet our customers’ requirements. We see the  ADAS features in the Indian automotive segment are on the upward trend and we plan to  provide the best solutions for the Indian market needs.”

Stiv Smudja, Vice President, Driving Assistance Product Group, Valeo Group said “Valeo offers one of the largest ranges of smart sensors and features that improve vehicle safety and comfort such as automated parking systems and enhanced automated driving systems. Valeo has produced more than 1.5 billion ADAS sensors over the past 30 years and will produce another 1.5 billion over the next five years.”

Valeo is consistently working on solutions to your everyday parking pain points. For example, the system features 4 front or rear ultrasonic sensors for consistent detection. If the sensors are fitted to the rear, then they are activated as soon as the reverse gear is engaged. The PureSound alarm gradually intensifies and becomes continuous when the vehicle is within 30cm of the obstacle.