Vintage Drives: CRED Obsession with Dr. Ravi and Rupali Prakash

Dr. Ravi Prakash, a cardiothoracic surgeon and infamous historic cars collector doesn’t see himself as a collector of cars. He sees it as collecting heirlooms for future generations to cherish. And it's a task he takes up with utmost passion, having restored many cars in his 45 years of collecting, often rescuing these historical monuments from being forever lost: from Indian Poet Kuvempu’s Studebaker Commander, Lord Mountbatten’s Sunbeam Talbot to Motilal Nehru’s 1928 Lancaster Straight 8, one of the 11 remaining in the world. He lives in Bangalore, boasting a gorgeous collection of vintage cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers, carriages and cycles. Curious to know more?
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How it all began: 2 Litre 1937 Sunbeam Talot
Back in the day, a dazzling 1937 Sunbeam Talot, once in the possession of Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, marked the ignition of Dr. Ravi's extraordinary car collection. Dr. Ravi headed the National Championship for
Racing and Rallying for three consecutive years from 1981-1984. And this was the car that set the track for all the other vehicles and inspired him to build a small collection of vintage vehicles.

Rupali Prakash: Growing up with Vintage Cars
“I’ve grown up in a garage watching rusted cars come to life.”
As an illustrator, Rupali Prakash,daughter of Dr. Ravi intimately shares her childhood amidst roaring engines and oil-smeared tools. She says she grew up ‘in a garage’, where every new vehicle requiring a part was treated with the care shown to an injured family member.

Safe Space for Cars
Rupali mentions that her father’s passion and mother’s support has made it possible for them to create a safe space for cars. Each vehicle, with its own tale and history, is tended to with love and patience, reviving them to their former glory. Rupali's bond with these automobiles runs so deep that they've become an inseparable part of herself.

Thrilling Tales with Tipsy- 1955 Triumph TR-3

Rupali confesses her fondness for British sports cars, particularly her cherished 1955 Triumph TR-3, affectionately named 'Tipsy'. With a mind of its own, Tipsy takes Rupali on unpredictable journeys, including a recent adventure to the Rann of Kuchh. Motilal Nehru’s Lancaster Straight 8 and Legendary Poet Kuvempu’s Studebaker Commander Dr. Prakash tells us that there are only 11 Lancaster Straight cars in the world and proudly announces that he owns the oldest of them all- a car that belonged to the first family of India, the Nehrus. He also narrates the exciting story of how he got his hands on legendary poet Kuvempu’s car, and the price he paid for it.

India’s First F1 Racing and Driving Lewis Hamilton’s Car
When F1 first came to India in 2011, Ravi had the honour of driving Lewis Hamilton’s car, whereas his family, who have been active supporters and lovers of vintage cars, got to drive vehicles of Sergio Perez and Sebastien Buemi.

How has the road been?
Reflecting on a 45-year journey with these automotive relics, Dr. Ravi likens it to being a proud parent restoring life to these classics. The journey of 45 years with historic vehicles has been the finest one in his life and restoring these cars back to life has been the ‘energy boost’ that drives him forward in life.

CRED Obsession is an interview series by CRED available on YouTube and Instagram. Each episode looks to uncover the story that drives these collectors. After all, a good life is about living your obsession.