Wellness on Wheels

Wellness on Wheels
Connected community mobile clinic

Volvo Group partners with Narayana Health to launch ‘Wellness on Wheels’ – an advanced & connected community mobile clinic

As part of its societal initiatives, Volvo Group has built an advanced mobile community clinic, ‘Wellness on Wheels’ in partnership with Narayana Health to provide free community screening and medical services in rural parts of Karnataka as well as in other states of the country. ‘Wellness on Wheels’ was inaugurated jointly by Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO, Volvo AB along with Dr Devi Shetty, Chairman Narayana Health in the presence of Mr Kamal Bali, President and MD, Volvo Group India along with a team of doctors from Narayana Health and Volvo Group Officials in Bengaluru.

The mobile clinic has been specially customized and equipped with advanced screening equipment for detecting cancer, and heart ailments along with non-invasive diagnostic tools, such as ultrasound, ECG, and X-Ray machines. To enable telemedicine and consultation with experts at the base Narayana Health Hospital in Bangalore, this vehicle is Wi-Fi enabled and provided with high-tech laptops, specially configured for doctors, to facilitate remote communication and to get expert advice on the go, the specially designed 42 feet-long spacious medical container has a diagnostic lab and a chemical toilet fitted with air conditioners and is independently powered by the onboard generator and inverter. The vehicle is provided with canopies and chairs for patients in waiting. In addition to a
range of active and passive safety features, the vehicle has air suspension and ABS brakes for a vibration-free ride to protect sensitive medical equipment on board.

Unveiling the mobile clinic, Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO, Volvo Group, said, “We live in an interdependent world, within which, in whatever we do, care for people and our planet is a necessary condition. I am so glad that this mobile clinic will be reaching out to remote corners of the state and the country, touching lives and protecting them.”

Speaking at the launch, Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman of Narayana Health
commented,” Diagnosing illness at a later stage makes it harder to treat and alleviate a patient’s condition – which unfortunately is the norm today. We could save many lives if we can carry out an early diagnosis. This mobile clinic will initiate the culture of preventive healthcare while reaching out to economically weaker and under-served sections in the country, helping to save precious lives.