Zepp Health Elevates Wearable Intelligence with AI-Powered OS Update

Zepp Health Elevates Wearable Intelligence with AI-Powered  OS Update

Zepp Health, a global provider of smart wearables and health technology, has announced the launch of Zepp OS 3.5 update featuring the AI-driven Zepp Flow™ for Amazfit Balance smartwatch in India. This update marks a significant advancement in wearable intelligence making Amazfit the first smartwatch brand to integrate a Natural-Language User Interface (LUI) powered by LLM AI in its operating system.

Zepp Flow™ represents a paradigm shift in how users interact with their wearable devices. Transcending traditional voice assistants, it eliminates the need for specific commands or keywords, allowing for seamless natural language interaction. Integrated at all levels of Zepp OS 3.5, Zepp Flow™ fosters a harmonious, flowing bond between users and their smartwatch, naturally understanding what precisely the user wants. By comprehending and interpreting conversational speech, Zepp Flow™ enhances the user experience, seamlessly integrating AI into everyday life.

Commenting on the launch, Mr CP Khandelwal, CEO PR Innovations, brand custodian of Amazfit in India said, “This update signifies a major leap in wearable intelligence, with Amazfit smartwatches leading the industry as the first to integrate a fully integrated Natural User Interface powered by LLM AI into their operating systems. We are proud to offer our customers an enhanced user experience that seamlessly integrates AI into their daily lives. With this launch we continue to push the boundaries of wearable technology, delivering a truly intelligent and intuitive experience that harmonises AI with everyday routines."

Initially, the Zepp OS 3.5 update is exclusive to the Amazfit Balance smartwatch in India, with subsequent rollouts planned for the Amazfit Cheetah series, Amazfit Falcon, and Amazfit T-Rex Ultra from May onwards.