HRKatha, India’s first HR News platform to deliver daily HR news

HRKatha, India’s first HR News platform to deliver daily HR news

HRKatha, Asia’s leading HR publication, unveiled a dynamic new brand identity and website design to mark its 10th anniversary and strengthen its leadership position in the HR news industry.

The fresh look features a modern, lowercase typeface for ‘hrkatha’ that strikes a balance between approachability and professionalism. The cleverly designed ‘hr’ portion serves a dual purpose: a unique symbol and an integrated part of the brand name. Upon closer inspection, the ‘hr’ reveals a subtle ‘1’ signifying HRKatha’s leadership position in the HR news landscape. The flowing lines then evolve into an ‘h’ and an ‘r’, resembling a fountain – a symbol of growth, progress, and continual forward motion. The design culminates in a diamond at the top, representing achievement and leadership in professional life. Subtly, the combined ‘hr’ and diamond evoke a human figure with open arms, celebrating success and growth. Accompanying the visual transformation is the new tagline, ‘Crafting Human Potential’. This tagline underscores HRKatha’s unwavering commitment to helping individuals discover and unleash their full potential.

The vibrant colour palette reflects the brand’s core values with purple signifying creativity, green representing growth, blue symbolising trust, pink conveying excellence, and yellow representing joy and happiness. This spectrum also represents the diversity and inclusivity that are central to HRKatha’s mission of serving the ever-evolving HR sector.

 “This fresh visual identity, characterised by its inclusivity and vibrant colours, symbolises our commitment to continuous evolution and innovation,” said Prajjal Saha, Founder & Editor, HRKatha. “We’re dedicated to enhancing the reader experience and engagement with HRKatha. We believe this new look will not only captivate the senses but also elevate user interaction with our platform to new heights.” 

In addition to the visual overhaul, HRKatha has ambitious plans for the year ahead. With a renewed focus on producing powerful content, HRKatha aims to deliver even more relevant, unbiased and compelling stories for the HR industry while staying true to its core journalistic ethos. The platform will supercharge its content, offering unparalleled insights into the ever-changing HR landscape, addressing pressing issues such as building employer brands in the digital age, navigating the AI economy, and fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion